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Shake the Box: How to Get Encrypted Traffic Insights Without Decryption

sponsored by Corelight Published: 21 May 2019 White Paper

The most advanced security teams rely on network traffic as a fundamental data source for security investigations, but encryption has made that increasingly difficult. In this white paper, learn how the open-source...

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Case Study: How Corelight Cured an Energy Company's SOC of a Serious SMB Headache

sponsored by Corelight Published: 25 Jan 2019 Case Study

One of the world's largest energy companies was searching for a network traffic analysis tool that could provide real-time visibility across multiple offices. In this case study, read about how company decided on a...

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Don’t Let Misconfigurations Leave a Hole in Your Firewall

sponsored by FireMon Published: 04 Nov 2019 Product Overview

Human error is inevitable in manual processes. In this product overview, discover the 10 misconfigurations that cause data breaches and how FireMon Automation can help to eliminate them.

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Are You Getting What You Were Promised?

sponsored by Cisco Umbrella Published: 30 Aug 2019 Resource

Are you getting what you were promised? People make a lot of claim about network security but Cisco would rather show you proof. Download this infographic to learn about Cisco Umbrella including how it compares to ...

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Key Principles and Strategies for Securing the Enterprise Cloud

sponsored by Fortinet, Inc. Published: 01 Mar 2019 White Paper

In this white paper, learn how to create a multi-cloud network security strategy based on 3 key principles, and examine use cases to see how other organizations keep themselves secure.

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IoT Networking and the Smart Digital Workplace: Opportunities and Challenges

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 16 Aug 2018 White Paper

This white paper examines the implications of growing IoT adoption for enterprise networks. Find out how IoT is changing networking architectures, security, edge computing, and more.

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Strategies for Distributed Network Security

sponsored by Forcepoint Published: 13 May 2019 Research Content

Download this report to explore research on how financial institutions are adjusting to the challenges of digital transformation. The findings are based on a survey of senior IT executives in the financial industry...

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Beginners Guide to SIEM

sponsored by AT&T Cybersecurity Published: 27 Jul 2018 Essential Guide

Need a crash course on SIEM? Access this essential guide for an explanation of what SIEM is – and isn't – and how to get up and running with it quickly and painlessly.

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Certificate Lifecycle Management and Automation

sponsored by AppViewX Published: 05 Nov 2019 White Paper

Certificate management is a complex process. Without constant management, certificates are vulnerable to attacks, breaches, & system downtime. This white paper outlines why you should automate the certificate ...

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How to Get and Maintain Control of Your Microservices

sponsored by Citrix Published: 26 Jun 2019 White Paper

Download this white paper to learn about a hybrid application delivery system that can provide DevOps teams with the agility they demand while giving networking teams the control and centralized management they ...

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