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IT Security Case Studies

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 21 Jun 2013 Case Study

Warwick Ashford presents 4 critical IT security case-studies selected from the winners of Computer Weekly's European User Awards.

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Data Breach: Security Investigation, Detection and Rapid Response

sponsored by Splunk Published: 01 May 2017 White Paper

Discover the specific items to investigate when there is a security incident alert, what your analysts need to determine during a breach to mitigate further damage, the 6 most common steps in determining the impact...

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Windows 2012 Server Network Security

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 02 Sep 2013 Book

This book chapter offers an introduction to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 network security and  IPv6. It includes a 30% discount code for Computer Weekly readers.

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The No BS Guide to Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

sponsored by WhiteHat Security Published: 04 Mar 2019 White Paper

Network security is everywhere and we have all been hyperaware of securing the perimeter and having our firewalls on high alert. Now, application vulnerabilities are being exploited and it's time to do something ...

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2018-2019 Global Application & Network Security Report

sponsored by Radware Published: 12 Mar 2019 Research Content

This 2018-2019 global application & network security report highlights the major themes shaping cybersecurity of late. Explore the report to help your organization keep its finger on the pulse of the rapidly ...

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IoT Networking and the Smart Digital Workplace: Opportunities and Challenges

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 16 Aug 2018 White Paper

This white paper examines the implications of growing IoT adoption for enterprise networks. Find out how IoT is changing networking architectures, security, edge computing, and more.

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Planning Ahead for IoT Deployment Success: Top 5 Tips

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 17 May 2017 Resource Center

Learn how to plan out your IoT strategy as your organization takes on smart devices, proliferating endpoints, and universal connectivity. Plus, uncover 5 best practices for successful IoT deployments with strong ...

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Network Security Tools for GDPR

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 03 May 2018 White Paper

From data protection to network access security control, learn what cybersecurity tools are best positioned to help you anticipate, detect, and eliminate threats so that you can meet GDPR guidelines, even in ...

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What's on Your Network?

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 20 Sep 2017 Resource

In this resource, find out how the closed-loop approach to network security allows IT professionals to deploy and retain control of IoT and BYOD devices to protect against security breaches.

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How to Ensure Data Privacy in Public Clouds

sponsored by Radware Published: 11 Mar 2019 Resource

The responsibility to protect the public cloud is a relatively new task for most enterprises. But, everything in the cloud is external and accessible if it is not properly protected with the right level of ...

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