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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

How to set up Windows Server 2019 virtual network encryption

By Dan Franciscus 14 Jan 2020

Microsoft tightens the security on its virtualization platform, even if a breach occurs, to prevent intruders from eavesdropping on traffic between VMs. Read More

Virtual network security measures to thwart access threats

By Tom Nolle 04 Oct 2019

Virtual networks add a layer of complexity to the real networks below them. Follow these three virtual network security measures to prevent complexity from creating issues. Read More

How do network virtualization and network abstraction compare?

By John Fruehe 11 Feb 2019

Network virtualization and network abstraction share similarities, like supporting the creation of virtual resources, but the two approaches vary in complexity and outcome. Read More

How to connect VMware Workstation virtual machines to the Internet

By David Davis 17 Dec 2019

Learn how to configure VMware Workstation virtual networks, including connecting guest virtual machines to the Internet, use the Virtual Network Editor and more. Read More

Array Networks pursues virtualized network services channel

19 Oct 2018

Array Network's new ASAP program looks to enable VARs and MSP partners to offer services around its AVX Series Network Functions Platforms, and other news from the week. Read More

Which core network functions are being virtualized?

By Dan Conde 08 Jan 2019

Network functions virtualization can virtualize both data center and branch office network services. But a couple of special cases, like virtual switches, require clarification. Read More

Extreme makes Fabric Automation friendlier to developers

By Antone Gonsalves 22 Nov 2019

Extreme Networks adds Fabric Automation features that make the company's virtualized data center networks more adaptive to changes by application developers. Read More

Get to know VM networking basics

By Stefani Muñoz 26 Sep 2019

Admins can create a network between isolated VMs with the help of several features and products, such as network interface cards and virtual LANs. Read More

Security in Network Functions Virtualization

19 Jul 2018

In this excerpt of chapter 4 of Security in Network Functions Virtualization, authors Zonghua Zhang and Ahmed Meddahi discuss Identity and Access Management in NFV. Read More

What are some examples of embedded hypervisors?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 10 Sep 2019

A virtualization layer in an embedded system provides better efficiency for tasks such as network virtualization. Some examples of embedded hypervisors include the Xvisor and ACRN. Read More