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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Brighton’s 5G experiment enters new test phase with focus on virtual reality

By Alex Scroxton 28 Sep 2018

The latest phase of the Digital Catapult’s 5G mobile network testbed in Brighton has begun, with digital businesses from across Sussex taking part in trials of augmented, mixed and virtual reality technology Read More

Comparing VMware NSX and Hyper-V Network Virtualization

By Nirmal Sharma 23 Jul 2014

Both VMware NSX and Hyper-V network virtualization offer compelling features, but this breakdown should help you figure out the best fit for you. Read More

Orange offers Cisco SD-WAN, Vonage intros SmartWAN for SMBs

By Antone Gonsalves 09 Feb 2018

Vonage offers VeloCloud-based SmartWAN for SMBs while French mobile network operator Orange launches an SD-WAN service on Cisco's virtualized network services platform. Read More

Network functions virtualization: Another road to scalable networks

By Gina Narcisi 11 Jul 2013

Providers may not be ready for SDN, but network functions virtualization offers another approach to deploying a programmable network. Read More

Microsoft bills Azure network as the hub for remote offices

By Trevor Jones 16 Jul 2018

Azure Virtual WAN is Microsoft's bid to play in the emerging SD-WAN space, as it seeks to solve users' networking problems while it adds new customers. Read More

Virtual networking can improve DevOps software quality

By George Lawton 31 Mar 2015

Increased use of advanced networking functionality and virtual networking could lead to improved DevOps software quality. Read More

Russian augmented reality startups break into enterprise space

13 Mar 2018

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies edge closer to enterprise adoption in Russia as a strong local developer network grows Read More

How VMware NSX differs from other network virtualization software

By Stephen J. Bigelow 24 Jan 2014

Network virtualization software like VMware's NSX differs from virtualization technologies like software-defined networking regarding traffic direction. Read More

Meru and NEC SDN bring network virtualization to wireless

By Rivka Gewirtz Little 23 Jul 2014

Combining Meru and NEC SDN, network pros can apply OpenFlow control and network virtualization provisioning to unified wired and wireless networks for joint management and policy enforcement. Read More

Masergy's NFV platform: An app store for virtual network functions

By James Maimonis 06 Jul 2015

Masergy's new NFV platform acts like an app store for virtual network functions. One possible hurdle: Convincing enterprises the software is secure. Read More