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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

NFV vs. VNF: What's the difference?

By Darien Hirotsu 04 Oct 2016

NFV versus VNF: SDN engineer Darien Hirotsu explains the differences between network functions virtualization and virtual network functions. Read More

Virtualization and IoT made for one another, but performance monitoring still essential

By Dirk Paessler 04 Oct 2017

Paessler's Dirk Paessler explains why it's important to monitor virtual assets, as well as things how to ensure IoT initiatives run smoothly on virtual networks. Read More

What is the difference between SDN and NFV?

By Glen Kemp, Alissa Irei 28 Aug 2019

SDN and NFV are siblings but not twins -- while they have a lot in common, they aren't identical. Here's what you need to know about their differences. Read More

VMware NSX and Cisco ACI: Two tacks to network virtualization

By Stephen J. Bigelow 18 Aug 2014

Virtualization has moved into the networking realm with competing offerings from VMware and Cisco that differ in their approach. Read More

Networking blogs: VMware's NSX network virtualization platform vision

By Kara Deyermenjian 06 Sep 2013

In this week's networking blogs, learn about VMware's NSX platform and hurdles VMware may face trying to make its virtualization platform a reality. Read More

Network disaggregation key topic at Dell event

By Chuck Moozakis 11 May 2018

Analysts focus on Dell's embrace of network disaggregation, how Google is narrowing the gap between human and machine and whether virtual appliances are ready for prime time. Read More

Managing virtual networks poses multiple challenges

19 Sep 2014

Server virtualization offers network managers many advantages -- but those benefits come with some stiff challenges. Read More

Ten essential network virtualization definitions

By Michelle McNickle 04 Jun 2013

SDN has sparked discussion about what network virtualization truly is. Here are 10 key network virtualization definitions that explain the basics. Read More

How are virtualization trends affecting enterprise SBCs?

By Carrie Higbie Goetz 16 Nov 2017

Virtualizing enterprise session border controllers can help reduce business expenses. Networking expert Carrie Higbie Goetz explains how to deploy virtual SBCs successfully. Read More

Network Functions Virtualization demands new network management models

By Tom Nolle 25 Apr 2014

NFV aims for dynamic network provisioning and orchestration, requiring a new network management model that integrates legacy and virtual resources. Read More