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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Current networking trends increasingly shape the enterprise

10 Oct 2017

Current networking trends like software-defined technology, cloud and virtualization are shaping the direction of the enterprise. Companies are provisioning more workloads to the cloud as they assess costs ... Read More

VMware NSX brings advanced networking to virtualization: Is it enough?

By Shamus McGillicuddy 26 Aug 2013

VMware NSX adds advanced routing and services to virtual networks, but there's still a problematic gap between virtual and physical infrastructures. Read More

Network conflict resolution: Changing a virtual machine MAC address

By Adam Fowler 04 Feb 2014

A virtual machine MAC address is randomly generated, but that doesn't guarantee you won't have duplicates. Find out how to change a VM's MAC address. Read More

Network traffic analysis in a virtualized environment

By David Davis 08 Aug 2012

There's no need to toss out SNMP, NetFlow and packet analysis when doing network traffic analysis in a virtualized environment. Read More

Why a big data project requires virtualized data, simplified networks

30 Jan 2014

Consolidating and virtualizing data are two central themes to any big data projects, according to storage analyst Ben Woo. Read More

Use virsh commands to manage KVM networking

By Sander van Vugt 14 Dec 2017

Virsh commands enable you to manage network properties and can be used alongside brctl commands to help you create additional virtual bridges in your KVM environment. Read More

The WAN revolution: Wide area network design marches forward

By Christopher Heun 19 Apr 2017

Vive la wide area network revolution! In the new WAN, emerging cloud, software-defined networking and virtualization technologies save time and money while improving performance. Read More

Implementing a hyper-converged network is still a pipe dream

By Howard Marks 01 Mar 2017

HCI vendors would like to integrate network features with storage, compute and virtualization. In this opinion piece, learn why a hyper-converged network has yet to materialize. Read More

Deploying network virtualization in the data center

By Brien Posey 01 Jun 2011

Network virtualization adds versatility and flexibility to the network, but close monitoring, with the correct tools, is needed to maintain optimal performance. Read More

Virtual Instruments buys Xangati, expands VirtualWisdom

By Sonia Lelii 15 Nov 2016

Virtual Instruments acquires Xangati for its networking and virtualization monitoring expertise. The company plans to integrate the new technology into the VirtualWisdom platform. Read More