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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Virtual network appliances: Benefits and drawbacks

By Ivan Pepelnjak 29 Mar 2011

There's lots of talk about network virtualization benefits, but are virtual network appliances all they're cracked up to be? Only in some scenarios. Read More

How networks are adapting to virtualization

02 Jun 2011

This Network Evolution E-Zine discusses the ins and outs of virtualization and provides insight into how today’s networks are adapting. Uncover information focusing on systems vs. networking at the virtual edge and... Read More

Hyper-V vs. VMware comparison: What are the differences?

By Brien Posey 30 Aug 2019

Hyper-V and VMware are in a perpetual battle for supremacy in the virtualization market. Although the two hypervisors have similar features, capabilities are somewhat different. Read More

Eliminate Hyper-V slow network performance with these tools and tips

By Marissa Comeau 16 Aug 2016

Network performance can make or break your virtual environment. With Hyper-V networking tools, you can maintain fast network performance and ensure your resources are distributed evenly. Read More

What the VMware VCP certification backtrack means for you

By Stuart Burns 27 Aug 2019

In 2019, VMware rolled back its VCP certification policy. This means that expired VCP 4 and 5 certificates have gone live again, and VCP names now correlate with year. Read More

What are some top NSX use cases?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Aug 2015

Using a network virtualization platform such as NSX can speed along certain networking tasks that were not conducive to quick changes. Read More

Network functions virtualization primer: Software devices take over

By David Jacobs 08 Mar 2013

With network functions virtualization (NFV), engineers replace network devices with software on basic servers for flexibility and cost reduction. Read More

CloudNFV group will create network functions virtualization prototypes

By Shamus McGillicuddy 20 Aug 2013

Vendors joined together as CloudNFV to prototype and demo a multi-vendor approach to network functions virtualization. Read More

Resisting network virtualization technology is like keeping Token Ring

By Keith Townsend 11 Dec 2012

Network engineers are resisting network virtualization and the new network management stack, but that's a losing battle. Read More

Why are network engineers so bitter about managing virtualization?

By Rivka Gewirtz Little 13 Apr 2012

One virtualization architect explains the miscommunications between systems and network engineers and how his teams worked together toward managing virtualization more effectively. Read More