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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Kubernetes networking face-off: VMware NSX-T vs. Nokia's Nuage

By Tom Nolle 14 Oct 2019

VMware NSX-T and Nokia's Nuage Networks both provide Kubernetes networking functionality -- but they have important differences and resonate with distinct user bases. Read More

Implementing a network-based storage virtualization appliance

By Eric Slack 07 Mar 2012

In the fourth installment of our series on storage virtualization, we examine network-based storage virtualization appliances. Read More

Virtualization and networking FAQs

By Edward L. Haletky 14 Dec 2009

These virtualization and networking FAQs cover virtual network configuration and performance and other virtual network concepts. Read More

Aussie developer Wangle makes foray into VPN market

26 Apr 2017

Wangle’s proprietary virtual private network application optimises encrypted traffic and complies with Australia’s new mandatory data retention law Read More

Four virtual desktop infrastructure networking best practices

12 Sep 2012

Networking pros must be brought into virtual desktop infrastructure projects during planning in order to implement VDI networking best practices. Read More

Get to know Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

By Robert Sheldon 14 Oct 2019

Oracle released Linux Virtualization Manager, a platform that lets admins configure, manage and monitor their virtual server environments. Read More

Where should virtual appliances for network services live?

By Michael Brandenburg 14 Jun 2011

Virtual appliances for network services need not be confined to a data center's general pool of ESX hosts, as vendors leverage virtualization and build specialized hardware. Read More

An introduction to cloud network architecture

By Andrew Froehlich 29 Oct 2019

Enterprises have myriad cloud networking options: private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. Find out which architecture and tool sets best fit your business. Read More

Virtual network services: Streamlining hypervisor WAN optimization

By Gina Narcisi 22 Aug 2012

Silver Peak Agility streamlines deployment of virtual network services by integrating WAN optimization into virtualization management consoles. Read More

Barracuda SSL VPN has hardware and virtual options for most businesses

By Karen Scarfone 13 Mar 2017

Expert Karen Scarfone takes a look at Barracuda SSL VPN and explains how the virtual private network product protects and secures enterprise communications. Read More