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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Virtual network services: Streamlining hypervisor WAN optimization

By Gina Narcisi 22 Aug 2012

Silver Peak Agility streamlines deployment of virtual network services by integrating WAN optimization into virtualization management consoles. Read More

Converged storage networking for virtual desktop infrastructure

By Brien Posey 28 Jan 2012

Implementing FCoE converged networking for virtual desktop infrastructure can mean managing one network instead of two, but there are complications to consider. Read More

Aussie developer Wangle makes foray into VPN market

26 Apr 2017

Wangle’s proprietary virtual private network application optimises encrypted traffic and complies with Australia’s new mandatory data retention law Read More

Sponsored by Citrix: Brian Madden learns about virtual networking and why it matters for VDI

By Justin Meisinger 13 Dec 2013

Brian Madden is the typical desktop virtualization architect. He knows the ins-and-outs of VDI, RDSH, virtual servers, user profiles, application delivery, and printing. Read More

Get to know the Kaspersky Light Agent app for virtual systems

By Robert Sheldon 09 Dec 2019

Kaspersky's Security for Virtualization Light Agent application provides multilayered protection for virtual servers and VDIs as well as their VMs and OSes across multiple hosts. Read More

Building on OpenFlow, FlowVisor offers path towards open network virtualization

By Michael Morisy 21 Jun 2012

Network virtualization tool FlowVisor boosts software defined networking by allowing easy slicing of physical networks into multiple logical pieces. Read More

Networking technology trends 2010: Cloud networking and virtualization

By Michael Brandenburg 17 Dec 2010

Based on our most read networking topics, cloud computing networking and network monitoring are at the top of 2010’s networking technology trends. The other networking topics that ranked high among our readers ... Read More

Barracuda SSL VPN has hardware and virtual options for most businesses

By Karen Scarfone 13 Mar 2017

Expert Karen Scarfone takes a look at Barracuda SSL VPN and explains how the virtual private network product protects and secures enterprise communications. Read More

Virtualization management for VMs, networks optimization

By Michelle Laverick 22 Apr 2011

Increasing server consolidation levels coupled with advancements in memory technology means virtualization management is more important than ever. Read More

How to solve virtual network switch problems

By Crystal Bedell 12 Apr 2011

Server virtualisation creates a new layer of virtual network switches that provide VM-to-VM connectivity—but not without complications. Learn the solutions to these challenges. Read More