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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

What is a cloud virtual private network (VPN)?

By Rainer Enders 22 Nov 2011

In this Ask the Expert response, VPN expert Rainer Enders discusses what a cloud virtual private network (VPN) is and what its benefits are. Read More

Test your identity authentication and VMware virtual network chops

By Julia Anderson 14 Dec 2012

Do you have what it takes to protect your VMware virtual network using identity authentication techniques? Quiz yourself and find out. Read More

HP seeks NSX certification for FlexFabric switch

By Antone Gonsalves 01 Sep 2015

HP seeks NSX certification to sell the VMware network virtualization software with the FlexFabric switch. Read More

Using network virtualization to simplify WAN management

By Ted Ritter 06 Aug 2010

In enterprise IT, virtualization always increases complexity. Luckily for wide area network (WAN) managers, network virtualization can simplify WAN management. To learn how, read this tip. Read More

Designing a Linux virtual network for KVM virtualization

By Sander van Vugt 11 Jan 2010

Determine how to configure the virtual and physical network cards for optimal performance on a Linux network with KVM hypervisor. The best use of individual network cards and virtual network cards depends on the I/... Read More

A basic virtualized enterprise -- from 'Network Virtualization'

28 Feb 2008

In this chapter from "Network virtualization," authors Victor Moreno and Kumar Reddy explain why and how to virtualize the network. They define technical requirements posed by the need to virtualize the network and... Read More

Test your VMware NSX-T, NSX-V knowledge

By Allyson Larcom 15 Oct 2019

VMware's software, NSX, enables admins to stand up networking in a software-defined data center. Take this quiz to ensure you're getting the most out of NSX. Read More

Cisco Nexus 1000v virtual network switch: Virtual network management

By Eric Siebert 07 May 2010

The Cisco Nexus 1000v distributed virtual switch gives network administrators more control in virtual network management. Previously, virtualization networking was controlled by server teams, which left network ... Read More

Manage Windows Server HCI with Windows Admin Center

By Robert Sheldon 07 Nov 2019

Download and install Microsoft's free and easy-to-use Windows Admin Center to manage local and remote Windows Server-based hyper-converged infrastructure clusters. Read More

Latest Verizon CPE aimed at simplifying deployment of network services

By Antone Gonsalves 11 May 2017

Verizon's latest customer premise equipment is meant to simplify deployment of virtual network functions. The new Verizon CPE was introduced this week at the OpenStack Summit. Read More