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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Extreme Networks virtual switching pulls control back into the network switch

25 Apr 2010

Every networking vendor is moving to give control of virtual switching back to network admins, who are struggling to gain visibility and management over virtual machine switching. Extreme Networks virtual switching... Read More

Cancer Research UK drives donations with proximity Wi-Fi network

By Alex Scroxton 09 Feb 2017

Cancer Research UK used Devicescape’s virtual Wi-Fi network and marketing platform to engage support and drive donations on World Cancer Day Read More

High-availability virtualization networking is a fallacy

By Ivan Pepelnjak 02 Aug 2011

High-availability virtualization tools promise to monitor virtual machines and automatically restart them when there's a failure, but lots of problems ensue. Read More

Edge virtualization technologies solve virtual network switch woes

01 Jun 2010

Virtual network switches have posed serious problems for networking pros, but network edge virtualization technologies, including distributed virtual switches, may be what makes manageability possible in networking... Read More

What is NSX micro-segmentation?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 10 Aug 2015

VMware's NSX network virtualization offering can add another layer of protection by isolating various elements in the vSphere infrastructure. Read More

Juniper Networks upgrades vGW Virtual Gateway security tool

By Jennifer Scott 29 Aug 2012

Juniper Networks updates its vGW virtualisation security tool to target service providers looking for better security on a larger scale Read More

Incorporating I/O virtualization into network architecture

By Bill Kleyman 22 Jul 2011

Virtualized I/O network architecture can help reduce hardware costs and streamline network management. Read More

Virtual networks for storage and data environments

15 Nov 2010

Learn how to reduce cable clutter and consolidate network and storage I/O using technologies such as NPIV, FCoE, and PCIe extension in this slide presentation. Read More

Network capacity planning evolves for virtualized environments

By Michael Brandenburg 05 Jul 2011

Virtualization is changing the role of network capacity planning, making it more essential in the enterprise data center and making network capacity planning tools a must have. Read More

Virtual network security best practices

By Eric Siebert 27 Oct 2010

Since a network itself can become an attack vector, you need network security best practices to prevent a breach. Isolating vSwitches on your management network and using security apps intended for virtualization ... Read More