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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

vCloud and VEPA both fail in virtualization networking

By Ivan Pepelnjak 22 Dec 2010

vCloud and VEPA both fail to address the problem with networking for virtualization. The goal of network-aware virtualization is to enable a flat Layer 2 network and networking functions within the virtualized ... Read More

Get to know Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

By Robert Sheldon 14 Oct 2019

Oracle released Linux Virtualization Manager, a platform that lets admins configure, manage and monitor their virtual server environments. Read More

Extreme Networks virtual switching pulls control back into the network switch

25 Apr 2010

Every networking vendor is moving to give control of virtual switching back to network admins, who are struggling to gain visibility and management over virtual machine switching. Extreme Networks virtual switching... Read More

VMware's NSX: Integrator deploys SDN tech at CBOSS

By Esther Shein 09 Dec 2015

CBOSS, a payment processing service provider, hired integrator AdvizeX to deploy NSX, the VMware network virtualization platform, as part of a software-defined networking project. Read More

An introduction to cloud network architecture

By Andrew Froehlich 29 Oct 2019

Enterprises have myriad cloud networking options: private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. Find out which architecture and tool sets best fit your business. Read More

How do I build the right cloud network design?

By David Jacobs 26 Nov 2019

Networks look different now than they did a decade ago, and that continuous change isn't slowing down. Cloud networking plays a large role in the transformation of legacy networks. Read More

Benefits of virtualization highlighted in top 10 stories of 2019

By Mike Gleason 06 Dec 2019

Based on our top 10 most-read stories of 2019, IT pros sought to learn the benefits of virtualization, as well as the drawbacks, as the technology gained ground. Read More

Edge virtualization technologies solve virtual network switch woes

01 Jun 2010

Virtual network switches have posed serious problems for networking pros, but network edge virtualization technologies, including distributed virtual switches, may be what makes manageability possible in networking... Read More

High-availability virtualization networking is a fallacy

By Ivan Pepelnjak 02 Aug 2011

High-availability virtualization tools promise to monitor virtual machines and automatically restart them when there's a failure, but lots of problems ensue. Read More

Design your systems with virtualization architecture in mind

By Stefani Muñoz 19 Nov 2019

Virtualized systems require several architectural components, such as virtual servers, hypervisors and OSes. Admins should get to know these components for a successful system design. Read More