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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Stay connected with tips and trends in vSphere networking

30 Mar 2015

This guide gives busy admins a handy listing of the latest on network virtualization as well as tips to troubleshoot various issues. Read More

NVDIMM and RDMA offer significant virtualization advantages

By Jim O'Reilly 17 Mar 2016

Due to their effect on virtualized clusters, virtual SANs and overall database performance, new in-memory technologies like DRAM and RDMA networks are becoming more widely adopted. Read More

Offering network analysis in virtualized environments

12 Feb 2009

Offering network analysis and network monitoring services can be a lucrative business, but needs change when network analysis meets network virtualization. Learn the best practices for offering network analysis ... Read More

What does an ESXi on ARM architecture look like?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 28 Oct 2019

When you run a hypervisor such as VMware ESXi on ARM architecture, consolidation shouldn't be your goal; isolation, sandboxing and management should be. Read More

Dell-VMware-Cumulus package NSX, bare metal, Linux OS

By Shamus McGillicuddy 26 Aug 2014

Dell will resell VMware's NSX network virtualization and offers a network reference architecture for Dell switches, Cumulus Linux and NSX. Read More

VMware calls future NSX certifications the 'next-gen CCIE'

By Michelle McNickle 04 Sep 2014

VMware says future NSX certifications establish the beginning of a network virtualization career path for network and server pros alike. Read More

Virtualization to fundamentally change telecom networks

By Eve Griliches 03 Feb 2009

Virtualization will be the new model for service provider network infrastructure, and if it is effective, carrier revenue will increase while capex and opex decrease. Juniper is leading the way with a new router ... Read More

Best practices for connecting virtualization hosts to DMZ networks

By Eric Siebert 30 Jun 2011

DMZ networks can be used to protect virtualization hosts, but best practices must be considered, including combing virtual and physical firewalls and locking down virtual switches. Read More

Server virtualization and the network

04 Jun 2007

Server virtualization is a deceptively simple method for organizing a customer's network into manageable pieces cheaply and efficiently. However, the temptation to create an excessive number of virtual servers can ... Read More

Virgin disconnects BT for Vodafone for future mobile services

By Joe O’Halloran 06 Nov 2019

From 2021, Virgin Media will have full access to all of Vodafone’s current services and future technologies, such as its 5G network, after ending supply deal with BT Read More