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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Virtual Instruments is now Virtana and aims at cloud, containers

By Antony Adshead 21 Oct 2019

Searches for “Virtual Instruments” returned too many synthesizers, so storage monitoring pioneer went through a blue sky ordeal. It has new plans for cloud and container capability, too Read More

VMware takes NSX security to AWS workloads

By Antone Gonsalves 30 Aug 2018

VMware has brought NSX microsegmentation to workloads running on Amazon Web Services. Also, at VMworld 2018, VMware said NSX security is now enforceable on Arista switches. Read More

Illustrated guide to VMware vSAN HCI configuration and features

By James Alan Miller 06 Nov 2019

VMware vSAN software benefits enterprises by tightly integrating, virtualizing and pooling server resources to ease infrastructure deployment, management and implementation. Read More

Virtual Instruments becomes Virtana, adds cloud monitoring

By Carol Sliwa 22 Oct 2019

Virtual Instruments' focus expands to hybrid IT infrastructure management, as company changes name to Virtana and adds CloudWisdom monitoring and cost optimization. Read More

Michael Dell on Dell cloud strategy: On-premises cloud rules

By Dave Raffo 14 Nov 2019

Dell's CEO lays out his company's cloud plan, which is to connect on-premises with public, edge and 5G clouds though integrated infrastructure and subscription pricing. Read More

SDN and DevOps to shrink network teams, weaken their control, IDC says

By Rivka Gewirtz Little 21 Jul 2014

With SDN and DevOps, IT teams will shift control of the network to collaborative teams of virtualization, server, application and network pros. This will shrink network teams and force network pros to reposition ... Read More

Network segmentation best practices in virtual and private cloud environments

By Dave Shackleford 04 Oct 2011

Learn how to apply network isolation to ensure security in your virtualized infrastructure. Read More

Router virtualization: Developing effective networking strategies

By Tom Nolle 07 May 2009

As new router and network virtualization technologies become a reality, telecom carriers need to weigh lower capital costs against realistic operations costs to see whether it's worth replacing parallel networks. Read More

Elevate software-defined technology's role in the data center

By Stephen J. Bigelow 23 Sep 2019

SDS and SDN aren't a cure-all for infrastructure management ails. Proper implementation requires research and a suitable hardware setup. Here's a look at what this tech can do. Read More

Benefits of moving from EC2-Classic to VPC

By Ofir Nachmani 28 Oct 2016

AWS replaced EC2-Classic instances with Virtual Private Cloud to help enterprises better secure networks and resources. Here's how the two instances differ and how to migrate to VPC. Read More