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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Cisco, VMware unveil CSP products to tap growing market

By Antone Gonsalves 04 Mar 2015

CSP products introduced at the Mobile World Congress included cloud-based analytics from Cisco and virtualized networking technology from VMware. Read More

Google cloud network tools check links, firewalls, packet loss

By Antone Gonsalves 14 Nov 2019

The latest Google cloud network monitoring tools perform connectivity testing and provide firewall and performance metrics. Read More

The best VPNs for enterprise use

By Ed Tittel 18 Jan 2016

This slideshow highlights the best VPNs used in enterprise wide-area networks (WANs) and offers principles for designing and implementing virtual private network (VPN) clients in the enterprise. Read More

The evolution of SDN and its role in networking

By John Fruehe 19 Sep 2019

Has SDN run its course, or has the architecture simply evolved? In many current products, data centers and cloud environments, SDN may be closer than you think. Read More

Dell EMC offering a VeloCloud SD-WAN Edge appliance

By Antone Gonsalves 02 May 2019

The new Dell EMC SD-WAN Edge product includes hardware and support, as well as VMware's VeloCloud software. Read More

A basic virtualised enterprise - from 'Network Virtualization'

02 Mar 2008

In this chapter from "Network virtualization," authors Victor Moreno and Kumar Reddy explain why and how to virtualise the network. Read More

Better networking strategies for virtual server environments

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 May 2010

With more workloads residing on fewer physical host servers, data center managers need help locating and correcting problems quickly. Read More

Using free virtual appliances for VMware networking and monitoring

28 Dec 2010

For cost-conscious IT pros, free virtual appliances are viable VMware networking and monitoring options. These free virtual appliances have the features small environments need. Read More

Hardware-based 3D graphics acceleration brings CAD to remote corners

By Alastair Cooke 25 Aug 2016

Graphics acceleration technology improves virtual desktop performance at the VM level, not over the network. One company deployed it for heavy-duty field work in the boondocks. Read More

Obtain, deploy and manage Oracle VM templates

By Robert Sheldon 08 Oct 2019

Oracle VM templates, which come with a guest OS, application software and preset configurations, help admins streamline VM deployment, and they can set them up in just a few steps. Read More