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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

Modern management of a virtualized network: Tips and techniques

By David Jacobs ,Sean Michael Kerner ,Andrew Froehlich 16 Sep 2016

The virtualized network poses challenges to network management systems -- and as more hardware components become virtualized, that challenge becomes even greater. This handbook discusses the steps IT administrators... Read More

Network trends include new hardware role in a virtual era

By John Burke 28 Feb 2017

Network trends that enterprise IT pros must consider include rethinking the role of hardware in today's virtualized, software-defined services architecture. Read More

What effect does NetOps have on enterprise networking teams?

By Andrew Froehlich 01 Oct 2018

Similar to the DevOps framework, a NetOps approach provides networking teams with a way to use automation and virtualization to create more agile networks and deploy applications faster. Read More

Is fabric necessary for network virtualization overlay?

By Glen Kemp 14 Jan 2016

A fabric topology may become necessary at some point, but for now, you can get away without one for your SDN overlay. Read More

Network virtualization now, and the overlay network future

09 Apr 2015

In this presentation, our expert reviews traditional approaches to network virtualization and considers its future. Read More

Virtual wire network transport mission could increase SDN usage

By Tom Nolle 17 Jan 2017

SDN's use as virtual wire to provide network transport could get the technology out of the data center to underlay SD-WAN better than Ethernet or IP and benefit optical networks. Read More

When the benefits of network virtualization aren't enough

By Glen Kemp 01 Jun 2015

Consultant Glen Kemp shares the story of a client who re-evaluated the benefits of network virtualization after encountering a platform bug. Read More

Virtual network functions, not network functions virtualization, belong in enterprise

By Shamus McGillicuddy 25 Mar 2015

While network functions virtualization is exclusively a service provider technology, virtual network functions are at home in the enterprise space. Read More

DevOps in networking begins to gain ground

01 Jun 2018

Software development has benefited from a DevOps framework, which brings together software engineers and operating teams to collaborate in a continuous integration/continuous delivery model that helps automate and ... Read More

Payday lender cuts troubleshooting by 30% with Virtual Instruments

By Antony Adshead 05 Feb 2019

Curo Financial thought storage was slowing down its websites, but found virtual machine and network issues were to blame. To fix this, it’s going proactive on storage performance issues Read More