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Definitionnetwork virtualization

Network virtualization is a method of combining the available resources in a network to consolidate ...Read More

LiveAction updates LiveNX network management service

By Michaela Goss 16 Nov 2018

In networking news, LiveAction launches LiveNX 8 and LiveWire; Kaloom and Red Hat collaborate for a virtualized central office; and Siemens and Aruba bridge the IT-OT gap. Read More

Physical network infrastructure to decrease in SDN virtual evolution

By Craig Mathias 25 May 2016

Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi APs and routers may be the only physical network infrastructure you need in a virtual-, SDN- and cloud-based future, according to networking expert Craig Mathias. Read More

Dynamic virtual network services usher in connectivity revolution

By John Burke 02 May 2016

Dynamic virtual network services are using NFV to provide new enterprise services faster and cheaper by removing the need for expensive hardware deployments from the equation. Read More

Top five SCVMM 2016 features to look out for

By Nirmal Sharma 27 Sep 2018

SCVMM 2016 provides new features, such as Nano Server management, and enhancements to existing networking and security features to better manage the entire virtualization stack. Read More

The hyper-converged network becoming more common in HCI

By Rodney Brown 26 Mar 2018

Virtualizing the network in a hyper-converged system has been the toughest part, but there are products on the market that achieve some of that function. Read More

HPE NNMi upgrade provides management tools for virtualized networks

By Antone Gonsalves 15 Dec 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's latest version of NNMi fills a need for better software tools to manage virtualized networks. Read More

Don't let VDI network latency grind virtual desktops to a halt

By Brien Posey 24 Jun 2016

Network latency problems can make even the simplest tasks impossible on a virtual desktop. IT needs to use performance monitoring to identify the source of latency to fix the problem. Read More

Building a hybrid network with SDN, network virtualization

By Lee Doyle 09 May 2014

SDN and network virtualization are new and still largely misunderstood technologies. Here's how they can combine to build a modern hybrid network. Read More

Which VMware NSX features handle networking and security?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 24 Jan 2018

The VMware NSX network virtualization platform provides a flexible software-defined networking overlay and granular security to round out the company's software-defined data center. Read More

High-speed networks to get boost from SDN, inverse virtualization

By Craig Mathias 03 Jun 2016

To advance adoption, SDN has to meet high-speed networking demands. One solution may be the emerging concept of inverse virtualization for traffic processing. Read More