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Learn the ins and outs of NSX-T vs. NSX-V

25 Jul 2019

NSX-V integrates tightly with vSphere, whereas NSX-T integrates with cloud and container platforms. Each version of NSX has its place, but NSX-T might be the way of the future. Read More

Set up Hyper-V nested virtualization for production

10 Jul 2018

There are several considerations for using nested virtualization in Hyper-V production environments, including system requirements, networking, storage and memory considerations. Read More

Pay-TV providers shifting to network virtualization

14 Jan 2015

Pay-TV providers are adopting network functions virtualization as a mechanism for reducing hardware costs and for adding more flexibility in running network services. Read More

Dell Virtual Edge Platform takes SD-WAN to SPs, enterprises

21 Mar 2018

Dell has unveiled an appliance for running an SD-WAN or virtual network functions. The Dell Virtual Edge Platform is aimed at service providers and large enterprises. Read More

Big Switch taps AWS VPCs for hybrid cloud networking

19 Jul 2018

Big Switch plans to roll out software for creating virtual networks in AWS and a private cloud. The hybrid cloud technology takes advantage of AWS VPCs. Read More

Vulnerability management programs need an upgrade for the cloud era

27 Apr 2018

Gone are the days of simple, easily secured corporate networks. The proliferation of cloud computing, virtualization and containers means that the network is changing constantly, said Nate Palanov, ... Read More

VMware microsegmentation in NSX trumps going sans SDN

23 Mar 2018

Software-defined networking can help plug security holes and minimize microsegmentation management tasks; it's worth a look for companies that haven't virtualized their networks yet. Read More