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Juniper Contrail battles Cisco ACI, VMware NSX in the cloud

14 Dec 2017

Juniper Networks is extending the Contrail network virtualization platform to public clouds. The Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud will compete with Cisco ACI and VMware NSX. Read More

Top five SCVMM 2016 features to look out for

27 Sep 2018

SCVMM 2016 provides new features, such as Nano Server management, and enhancements to existing networking and security features to better manage the entire virtualization stack. Read More

SDN essentials: Why network orchestration and virtualization?

16 Jan 2014

The goal of SDN is dynamic networks, so it's crucial to understand the concepts of network orchestration and virtualization -- the keys to flexibility. Read More

SDN and network virtualization: How do they work together?

07 Oct 2014

There are different ways to implement network virtualization in a software-defined network. Jim Meztler explains network virtualization and SDN, and how the two can work together. Read More

VSID or VLAN ID for Hyper-V network virtualization?

28 Oct 2014

Microsoft now offers two options with Hyper-V to isolate VMs on virtual networks. Do you know which option is better for your deployment? Read More

GENEVE primer: The answer to network virtualization interoperability?

10 Jul 2014

The GENEVE network encapsulation protocol is more flexible than VXLAN and NVGRE. Will it bring interoperability to network virtualization overlays? Read More

Ethan Banks on network virtualization and SDN deployment, benefits

11 Sep 2014

Network virtualization covers a lot of functional ground, and for those new to it, it's easiest to view it like server virtualization. Ethan Banks explains network virtualization and SDN basics, as well as how to ... Read More

HP network virtualization bridges OpenFlow and OpenStack

09 Jun 2014

HP network virtualization software VCN enhances OpenStack Neutron and integrates with HP's OpenFlow controller. Read More

Virtual network function development: Ecosystem or silo?

02 Mar 2015

The future of virtual network functions depends on how easily they can be deployed. Consensus is still a ways off. Read More