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Windows Server 2012 R2 network virtualization

18 Mar 2014

Features in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 allow for network virtualization. While a complex undertaking, a virtualized network can deliver efficiencies not otherwise possible. Read More

TrustFord chooses virtual load balancers to guarantee network performance

14 May 2015

Auto retailer TrustFord picks Kemp’s virtualised load balancers to deliver high availability and performance across the network Read More

How software-defined networking layers work with HCI

09 Apr 2018

The network function of a hyper-converged infrastructure has been the most difficult to virtualize, but adopting an SDN approach can make it easier for your organization. Read More

Australia’s internet speeds limiting productivity

31 Jan 2018

Australia’s broadband networks, already among the world’s slowest, could be further strained by the emergence of virtual and augmented reality Read More

Integrating physical and virtual networks: Virtual switching tactics

25 Mar 2013

In order to make networks flexible enough to support cloud orchestration, engineers will have to bridge physical and virtual networks. Read More

Q&A: How Microsoft SDN and network virtualization affects you

13 Mar 2014

In this Q&A with Microsoft's Rajeev Nagar, we explore the company's approach SDN and network virtualization. Read More

NFVi: Virtual networks drive changes in telecom infrastructure needs

28 Apr 2015

Expert Lee Doyle explains why service provider networks need NFV infrastructure -- high-performance, reliable and scalable platforms to support virtual network functions. Read More

Cloud-based networking becomes a reality

10 Oct 2017

Cloud-based networking trends continue to push enterprises toward software-defined technologies and virtualization, while skill sets and networking education shift. Read More

SDN, network virtualization: Are they the same?

11 Mar 2013

Despite differences, SDN and network virtualization share common elements to direct network resources to VMs and segment or consolidate networks. Read More

Virtual switch tweak optimizes ESXi networking

11 Jul 2014

Administrators in an ESXi environment should adjust the networking configuration to prevent slow VM migrations. Read More