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New HP network virtualization overlay is based on Nuage software

14 Oct 2014

Distributed Cloud Networking is HP network virtualization software that borrows network overlay technology from ALU's Nuage Networks subsidiary. Read More

NetSocket targets the branch router with network virtualization

11 Oct 2013

NetSocket has pivoted its end-to-end network virtualization product toward replacing the branch router with software. Read More

Virgin Media owner Liberty Global rolls out Juniper NFV

05 Sep 2017

Media delivery company Liberty Global is to use Juniper Networks vMX virtual routers to improve network performance and scale Read More

Keep tabs on your data center for VM sprawl management

28 Feb 2018

Having too many unnecessary VMs on a network strains CPU, memory and storage resources. It's up to the virtualization administrator to create a VM sprawl management plan. Read More

No network connection needed with Virtual Machine Connection tool

20 Nov 2014

The Virtual Machine Connection tool lets users copy files and redirect local resources to a VM without a network connection. Read More

SDN technologies and network virtualization: What you must know now

15 May 2014

SDN and network virtualization are new, unproven and still largely misunderstood technologies. This Technical Guide covers the basics of both, where they intersect and then reports on new developments. It outlines ... Read More

What is the role of hardware in network overlays and virtualization?

31 Jul 2013

Jason Edelman explains the role of hardware in network virtualization and network overlays. Read More

Is Virtual Networking the Link to End-To-End Management?

28 Jan 2014

As virtual networking takes hold, network professionals hope it will provide the long-awaited single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring capabilities that have remained elusive. Read More

Cloud encryption, network virtualization in focus for the New Year

02 Jan 2014

In the New Year, enterprises will want to encrypt all the data they send to the cloud and across the WAN, and network virtualization will be a focus. Read More

Which Hyper-V network virtualization deployment Model you should choose?

30 Apr 2014

Understanding the differences between Hyper-V network virtualization deployment models will help you choose the approach that will work best for you. Read More