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Windows Server 2016 networking embraces SDN

01 Feb 2017

Microsoft's new Windows Server 2016 networking capabilities have grown to support SDN, virtual network functions and hybrid cloud. Read More

Preparing for network virtualization

14 Oct 2011

Network virtualization may demand LAN upgrades and configuration changes to achieve optimal performance. Read More

Networking blog roundup: Peek at VMware-Nicira network virtualization

04 Feb 2013

In this networking blog roundup bloggers discuss VMware-Nicira network virtualization, the impact of the Open Compute project and their hopes for VDI. Read More

What makes SDN and network virtualization matter? Campus network apps

08 Feb 2013

SDN and network virtualization are touted as data center technologies, but they won't take off at the average enterprise until campus LAN apps emerge. Read More

Is network virtualization real or just vaporware?

28 Jun 2013

Is network virtualization just vaporware? Many think so. But some major players predict it could materialize sooner than you think. Read More

Software-based networking broadens automation approaches

14 Jul 2017

Networking is shifting away from proprietary hardware toward a broader software-based networking initiative, focused on automation and virtualization. Read More

Big Switch updates its Cloud-First Networking portfolio

21 Aug 2019

Big Switch Networks' new products and features aim to help solve issues such as lack of operational consistency, visibility and management in hybrid environments, and shadow IT. Read More

Networking trends 2017: Cloud, wireless, pace change

10 Oct 2017

Networking trends like cloud computing, virtualization and SDN continue to shape enterprise strategy while managers eye potential for IoT and data analytics. Read More

Virtual communities of practice can foster project knowledge

07 Dec 2017

Enterprise social networks, virtual communities and lessons-learned processes are great ways for teams to share project management know-how and make it accessible in the future. Read More