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Network virtualization technology headed to the enterprise

09 Nov 2012

Movement to new network virtualization technology is taking shape, but vendors have to clear many hurdles before deployments take place. Read More

Manage your VM resources effectively with these tips

18 Dec 2017

With this guide, you'll be better equipped to manage CPU, memory, storage and network resources. Not sure how to clean up your virtual infrastructure? We've got you covered. Read More

Overheard on Twitter: SDN security; network functions virtualization

02 Aug 2013

SearchSDN explored Twitter and saw users discussing SDN security, network functions virtualization and network virtualization, and SDN use cases. Read More

Overheard on Twitter: Are SDN, network virtualization equal?

19 Jul 2013

SearchSDN explored Twitter this week and saw users discussing if SDN and network virtualization are equal, and the impact of SDN on hardware. Read More

SDN Blog roundup: Network virtualization security, underlays

05 Aug 2013

This week, SDN bloggers discuss network virtualization security and underlays in data center networks. Read More

VMware networking CTO on SDN, OpenFlow and network virtualization

19 Jun 2012

VMware networking CTO Allwyn Sequeira explains the software-defined data center, the future of OpenFlow and how the company already has network virtualization 'nailed.' Read More

Evaluating network security virtualization products

16 Jul 2013

Don't risk making mistakes when you evaluate network security virtualization products. Our six key points will keep you on track. Read More

Essential tips for virtualized network integration and management

21 Mar 2013

To fully embrace virtual networks, these essential tips can help your organization maximize those efforts into server and storage virtualization. Read More

PLUMgrid automates virtual network provisioning without the controller

12 Jul 2013

PLUMgrid offers virtual network provisioning with a network virtualization platform that uses distributed fabric instead of a centralized controller. Read More

Managing virtual network services: Lessons from implementation

12 Dec 2013

Virtualization broke many traditional management models. Cloud providers deploying virtual network services should understand the consequences. Read More