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Managing virtual network services: Lessons from implementation

12 Dec 2013

Virtualization broke many traditional management models. Cloud providers deploying virtual network services should understand the consequences. Read More

SDN blogs: Who cares about hardware in SDN and network virtualization?

20 Jun 2013

In this week's SDN blog roundup, bloggers discuss control plane protocols with OpenFlow, the business benefits of SDN and network virtualization. Read More

Cisco strategy bets on software to deal with cloud shift

11 Sep 2017

Cisco has embarked on a technology transition as it deals with the effects of cloud computing and the virtualization of networking functions via software. Read More

Virtual networks require fresh look at management and orchestration

07 May 2014

Operators need new management and orchestration systems to support virtual and physical networks and to link network elements to customers' services. Read More

Carrier cloud could create bigger roles in future for SDN and NFV

04 Oct 2017

Increasing carrier cloud deployment could be the key that drives SDN and NFV technologies forward in the future of virtual networking -- not the other way around. Read More

How will VMware NSX change network virtualization practices?

26 Aug 2013

Networking has always struggled to keep up with VMware. Will VMware NSX be a game changer? Read More

NSX available, but price of VMware network virtualization stays secret

17 Oct 2013

VMware announced general availability of its NSX network virtualization software, but it won't tell us how much it will cost. Read More

Using bridge devices as a connection in a KVM virtual network

11 Apr 2014

Creating a bridge device is an important step in getting your KVM virtual network working properly. Read More

Advice to navigate the growing NSX certification track

12 Jan 2017

The growth of the NSX certification track is just one example of how VMware's network virtualization offering is turning into a core component for the company. Read More

Setting a network security policy for a virtual environment

11 Jun 2013

In this expert tip, Michael Gregg reveals the most important aspects of a reliable network security policy for your virtualized environment. Read More