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Overheard on Twitter: Are SDN, network virtualization equal?

19 Jul 2013

SearchSDN explored Twitter this week and saw users discussing if SDN and network virtualization are equal, and the impact of SDN on hardware. Read More

Will network functions virtualization be used in the enterprise?

10 Jul 2014

Jason Edelman explains whether or not network functions virtualization will ever transition into the enterprise, or if it is a service/provider play. Read More

SDN Blog roundup: Network virtualization security, underlays

05 Aug 2013

This week, SDN bloggers discuss network virtualization security and underlays in data center networks. Read More

Evaluating network security virtualization products

16 Jul 2013

Don't risk making mistakes when you evaluate network security virtualization products. Our six key points will keep you on track. Read More

Essential tips for virtualized network integration and management

21 Mar 2013

To fully embrace virtual networks, these essential tips can help your organization maximize those efforts into server and storage virtualization. Read More

Alcatel-Lucent switch gateway boosts virtual, physical network speed

01 Apr 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has introduced a switch gateway in its latest high-density OmniSwitch that improves data throughput between virtualized applications and a VXLAN. Read More

Keep tabs on your data center for VM sprawl management

28 Feb 2018

Having too many unnecessary VMs on a network strains CPU, memory and storage resources. It's up to the virtualization administrator to create a VM sprawl management plan. Read More

Software-based networking broadens automation approaches

14 Jul 2017

Networking is shifting away from proprietary hardware toward a broader software-based networking initiative, focused on automation and virtualization. Read More

PLUMgrid automates virtual network provisioning without the controller

12 Jul 2013

PLUMgrid offers virtual network provisioning with a network virtualization platform that uses distributed fabric instead of a centralized controller. Read More

SDN blogs: Who cares about hardware in SDN and network virtualization?

20 Jun 2013

In this week's SDN blog roundup, bloggers discuss control plane protocols with OpenFlow, the business benefits of SDN and network virtualization. Read More