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What enterprises look for with converged data center projects

25 Oct 2019

Learn about the state of the convergence market and what enterprises require for CI and HCI projects, the workloads they intend to run and which vendors are highest on their buying lists. Read More

Networking outlook for 2013: Virtual overlay network management arrives

14 Jan 2013

Enterprise Management Associates analyst Jim Frey says network management vendors will improve cloud, VDI and virtual overlay network monitoring in 2013. Read More

Using bridge devices as a connection in a KVM virtual network

11 Apr 2014

Creating a bridge device is an important step in getting your KVM virtual network working properly. Read More

Setting a network security policy for a virtual environment

11 Jun 2013

In this expert tip, Michael Gregg reveals the most important aspects of a reliable network security policy for your virtualized environment. Read More

Adopt an SDDC architecture with caution and proper planning

04 Nov 2019

Software-defined components such as networking and storage help achieve data center flexibility, but organizations might come across product and security issues. Read More

Recommendations for virtual desktop network settings

04 Apr 2013

Network settings can make or break virtual desktop connectivity and performance. Determine whether you need NAT, bridged adapters or other options. Read More

The new virtualization: The storage and network hypervisor

25 May 2012

The demands of managing virtualization call for a more flexible, virtualized network infrastructure. Does the solution lie in storage and network hypervisors? Read More

VMware network virtualization will spell trouble for Cisco, eventually

09 Sep 2013

The VMware network virtualization platform won't end the Cisco-VMware relationship, but it could hurt Cisco in the data center over the long term. Read More

Overcoming network functions virtualization implementation challenges

23 Sep 2013

Carriers need network functions virtualization implementation prespecification, so they'll look to TM Forum and cloud management models for help. Read More