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VCE Vblock won't die in the Cisco-VMware network virtualization war

05 Sep 2013

With the launch of NSX, the Cisco-VMware network virtualization battle is on, but that won't spell death for VCE Vblock because users need simplicity. Read More

Virtual network software: The basis of network virtualization

18 Jan 2010

Virtual network software enables internal and external virtual networking, and both methods have their share of performance benefits and management headaches. Read More

IT channel news: Buyout target Tech Data sees 2% drop in sales

27 Nov 2019

IT channel news this week includes Tech Data's financials, DLT Solutions' state government deal and D&H Distributing's credit line boost for select partners. Read More

How network functions virtualization will revolutionize architecture

21 May 2013

Using NFV, engineers can virtualize devices and services in large networks to make their architectures cost efficient and flexible. Read More

Juniper releases, open sources Contrail network virtualization overlay

17 Sep 2013

Juniper has made Contrail overlay software commercially available, and also open sourced the technology. Read More

Ways to mirror vSphere networking with VMware Virtual Network Editor

09 Apr 2013

Not every VMware vSphere networking option is available in Workstation, but it's a useful tool for users to mirror the ESXi network for tests. Read More

Manage your VM resources effectively with these tips

18 Dec 2017

With this guide, you'll be better equipped to manage CPU, memory, storage and network resources. Not sure how to clean up your virtual infrastructure? We've got you covered. Read More

Is 'SDN' network virtualization just by another name?

22 Feb 2013

Virtual and software-defined networks are high on VMware's product development priorities. But is SDN just network virtualization by another name? Read More

Hyper-V networking: The three virtual switches that fuel connectivity

06 Feb 2014

In this Hyper-V networking primer, learn about the three virtual switches behind Microsoft virtualization connectivity. Read More

Big Switch updates its Cloud-First Networking portfolio

21 Aug 2019

Big Switch Networks' new products and features aim to help solve issues such as lack of operational consistency, visibility and management in hybrid environments, and shadow IT. Read More