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Change management automation alters the face of network configuration

21 Mar 2017

The market for change management automation software is increasing, as networks become more complex and virtual. Read More

Current networking trends increasingly shape the enterprise

10 Oct 2017

Current networking trends like software-defined technology, cloud and virtualization are shaping the direction of the enterprise. Companies are provisioning more workloads to the cloud as they assess costs ... Read More

Windows Server 2016 Network Controller brings enticing SDN features

22 May 2017

Windows Server 2016 Network Controller serves up advanced SDN features that give admins more control over virtual and physical network components. But nothing in life is free. Read More

Network virtualization technology FAQ

26 May 2011

Network virtualization lets you break one physical network into many virtual networks or combine physical networks into one virtual network. Read More

Why a VMware certification is still a valuable asset

29 Mar 2019

In the cloud era, renewing or upgrading a VMware certification might feel like a waste of time, effort and money. But for some admins, it might still be a good idea. Read More

HP and VMware NSX: Joint management for virtual and physical networks

27 Aug 2013

HP will integrate its SDN controller and network management platform with VMware NSX for joint management across physical and virtual networks. Read More

Use virsh commands to manage KVM networking

14 Dec 2017

Virsh commands enable you to manage network properties and can be used alongside brctl commands to help you create additional virtual bridges in your KVM environment. Read More

SDN vs. network virtualization: Q&A with VMware's Martin Casado

06 May 2013

VMware's Martin Casado discusses the definition of SDN as it relates to network virtualization, and what to expect at this year's Interop conference. Read More

Overheard on Twitter: SDN standards; SDN vs. network virtualization

21 May 2013

SearchSDN explored Twitter and saw users discussing vendor opportunities surrounding SDN, as well as SDN standards and SDN vs. network virtualization. Read More