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Is 'SDN' network virtualization just by another name?

22 Feb 2013

Virtual and software-defined networks are high on VMware's product development priorities. But is SDN just network virtualization by another name? Read More

Virtual network software: The basis of network virtualization

18 Jan 2010

Virtual network software enables internal and external virtual networking, and both methods have their share of performance benefits and management headaches. Read More

Is service agility the payoff in network functions virtualization?

03 Feb 2014

NFV may not let operators toss their routers for generic servers yet, but it could mean a new level of service agility and increased revenue. Read More

Virtual overlay networks: Tunneling protocols enable multi-tenancy

26 Jul 2013

Virtual overlay networks use tunneling protocols to extend isolated network segments between servers for multi-tenant data center networks. Read More

Vendors link hardware switches with VMware NSX network virtualization

27 Aug 2013

Every major network hardware vendor minus Cisco announced integration of their physical switches with the VMware NSX network virtualization platform. Read More

VMware NSX: Network virtualization doesn't need to be a turf war

06 Sep 2013

Many network engineers think server admins will use VMware NSX to seize control of networking. It doesn't have to be that way. Read More

Enterprise network management undergoes transformation

10 Jul 2017

Traditional enterprise network management is shifting in the face of new virtualization and software trends. Managers need to be aware of how technologies change their network monitoring techniques. Read More

Network virtualization technology FAQ

26 May 2011

Network virtualization lets you break one physical network into many virtual networks or combine physical networks into one virtual network. Read More

HP and VMware NSX: Joint management for virtual and physical networks

27 Aug 2013

HP will integrate its SDN controller and network management platform with VMware NSX for joint management across physical and virtual networks. Read More