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SDN vs. network virtualization: Q&A with VMware's Martin Casado

06 May 2013

VMware's Martin Casado discusses the definition of SDN as it relates to network virtualization, and what to expect at this year's Interop conference. Read More

Overheard on Twitter: SDN standards; SDN vs. network virtualization

21 May 2013

SearchSDN explored Twitter and saw users discussing vendor opportunities surrounding SDN, as well as SDN standards and SDN vs. network virtualization. Read More

What are the benefits of IPv6 in SDN and network virtualization?

28 Nov 2012

One of the benefits of IPv6 is that it makes software defined networking and network virtualization scale easily, IPv6 expert Ciprian Popoviciu says. Read More

Change management automation alters the face of network configuration

21 Mar 2017

The market for change management automation software is increasing, as networks become more complex and virtual. Read More

New virtual networking technologies make convergence real

17 Jul 2013

Three models of virtual networking technologies, including SDN, are enabling Network as a Service, which makes virtual convergence a realistic goal. Read More

VMware's internal Service-defined Firewall reimagines firewalling

28 Aug 2019

VMware's internal firewall uses a global view of known-good behavior at the network and host level to minimize the attack surface for on-premises and cloud environments. Read More

Citrix: Cloud platform, analytics among key vendor trends

17 Aug 2017

Citrix is pursing cloud, analytics and hyper-converged infrastructure as the virtualization and networking company continues its transition under new leadership. Read More

Windows Server 2016 Network Controller brings enticing SDN features

22 May 2017

Windows Server 2016 Network Controller serves up advanced SDN features that give admins more control over virtual and physical network components. But nothing in life is free. Read More

Virtualization widens schism between server and networking teams

23 May 2013

Virtual networking has revived tensions between server and networking teams within data centers, but it's a dynamic both sides must embrace. Read More