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What are the benefits of IPv6 in SDN and network virtualization?

28 Nov 2012

One of the benefits of IPv6 is that it makes software defined networking and network virtualization scale easily, IPv6 expert Ciprian Popoviciu says. Read More

Advice to navigate the growing NSX certification track

12 Jan 2017

The growth of the NSX certification track is just one example of how VMware's network virtualization offering is turning into a core component for the company. Read More

Q&A: NSX-T, NSX as a service underpin VMware's business strategy

06 Sep 2017

Is NSX the next vSphere? With the releases of NSX-T and NSX as a service, it seems possible. Peder Ulander of VMware talks the expanding role of the network virtualization product. Read More

New virtual networking technologies make convergence real

17 Jul 2013

Three models of virtual networking technologies, including SDN, are enabling Network as a Service, which makes virtual convergence a realistic goal. Read More

VMworld 2012: Five virtualization networking releases

30 Aug 2012

At VMworld 2012 network pros didn't get the Nicira news they hoped for, but they did see some interesting virtualization networking technologies. Read More

Virtualization widens schism between server and networking teams

23 May 2013

Virtual networking has revived tensions between server and networking teams within data centers, but it's a dynamic both sides must embrace. Read More

Managing virtualization networking: Virtual network switch challenges

04 May 2010

Managing virtualization networking is a real challenge for network admins since they often don't have control of virtual network switches and the traffic that runs inside servers. But there are some solutions by ... Read More

Cisco strategy bets on software to deal with cloud shift

11 Sep 2017

Cisco has embarked on a technology transition as it deals with the effects of cloud computing and the virtualization of networking functions via software. Read More