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Netsocket SDN offers virtual networking from data center to branch

16 Jul 2013

The Netsocket Virtual Network is an SDN platform that can be deployed as an overlay, or not, in data centers, campus networks and branches. Read More

After much talk, network virtualization is finally becoming a reality

25 Mar 2013

For years, companies like Cisco have promised network virtualization, but with network software overlays and software-defined networking, the technology is finally coming to life. Read More

Use virsh commands to manage KVM networking

14 Dec 2017

Virsh commands enable you to manage network properties and can be used alongside brctl commands to help you create additional virtual bridges in your KVM environment. Read More

Network diagnostics that see through virtualization

27 Feb 2012

Running network diagnostics for virtualization requires a new set of strategies that involve virtual switches, virtual network probes and rerouting traffic for analysis. Read More

Q&A: Network virtualization benefits and challenges

20 Sep 2011

An expert explains the technical process behind network virtualization and the difference between internal and external virtual networks. Read More

Microsoft's Windows Azure network is a massive, virtual SDN

10 Mar 2014

Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud has a homegrown, virtual SDN, with federated controllers and a huge distributed-forwarding plane. Read More

Managing virtualization networking: Virtual network switch challenges

04 May 2010

Managing virtualization networking is a real challenge for network admins since they often don't have control of virtual network switches and the traffic that runs inside servers. But there are some solutions by ... Read More

Do we need a network hypervisor for virtualization?

22 May 2012

To handle mass server virtualization and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, IT teams need network virtualization with fluid provisioning. Will that require a network hypervisor? Read More