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Cisco NCS enables programmable network functions virtualization

26 Sep 2013

With the Network Convergence System, Cisco is delivering programmable routers for service provider networks with a path toward NFV. Read More

SDN blogs: SDN adoption rates, SDN programming, network virtualization

18 Jul 2013

This week, SDN bloggers took a look at SDN programming, adoption rates, network virtualization and the future of VLANs in an SDN environment. Read More

Enterprise network management undergoes transformation

10 Jul 2017

Traditional enterprise network management is shifting in the face of new virtualization and software trends. Managers need to be aware of how technologies change their network monitoring techniques. Read More

VMware NSX brings advanced networking to virtualization: Is it enough?

26 Aug 2013

VMware NSX adds advanced routing and services to virtual networks, but there's still a problematic gap between virtual and physical infrastructures. Read More

Network traffic analysis in a virtualized environment

08 Aug 2012

There's no need to toss out SNMP, NetFlow and packet analysis when doing network traffic analysis in a virtualized environment. Read More

The history of virtualization and its mark on data center management

24 Oct 2019

Virtualization was a huge leap in data center technology with software such as hypervisors and virtual switches that expanded organizations' capabilities and redefined IT. Read More

What enterprises look for with converged data center projects

25 Oct 2019

Learn about the state of the convergence market and what enterprises require for CI and HCI projects, the workloads they intend to run and which vendors are highest on their buying lists. Read More

Security Think Tank: Cloud security is a shared responsibility

07 Nov 2019

Misconfigured cloud environments are increasingly identified as the source of damaging data breaches and leaks, raising serious questions for enterprises. Where does responsibility for data security in the cloud ... Read More

Change management automation alters the face of network configuration

21 Mar 2017

The market for change management automation software is increasing, as networks become more complex and virtual. Read More

Network conflict resolution: Changing a virtual machine MAC address

04 Feb 2014

A virtual machine MAC address is randomly generated, but that doesn't guarantee you won't have duplicates. Find out how to change a VM's MAC address. Read More