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St. John's Health modernizes with digital workplace technology

09 Sep 2019

St. John's Health modernized its workplace experience by simplifying IT's management of applications with VMware's Workspace One. Read More

Why a big data project requires virtualized data, simplified networks

30 Jan 2014

Consolidating and virtualizing data are two central themes to any big data projects, according to storage analyst Ben Woo. Read More

Network traffic analysis in a virtualized environment

08 Aug 2012

There's no need to toss out SNMP, NetFlow and packet analysis when doing network traffic analysis in a virtualized environment. Read More

Managing network services with new software-based offerings

01 Aug 2017

As more managed networking services derived from virtual, software-based technologies hit the market from providers large and small, enterprises need to weigh new considerations. Read More

Achieve the best VM networking performance

31 Jul 2017

Start by using multiple NICs and organizing complementary VMs on the same host. Also, consider reserving network traffic by type and using hardware support for virtualization. Read More

Deploying network virtualization in the data center

01 Jun 2011

Network virtualization adds versatility and flexibility to the network, but close monitoring, with the correct tools, is needed to maintain optimal performance. Read More

Distributed Virtual Network: The future of VMware networking

30 Aug 2010

SAN FRANCISCO -- VMware is working on a new platform designed to improve network virtualization. We got a glimpse of the company's long-term strategy at this morning's VMworld 2010 session called ... Read More

Mobile edge computing promises wide variety of uses

22 Nov 2016

Mobile edge computing can bring applications and data closer to the end user, resulting in lower latency and better data analytics for network virtualization and IoT. Read More

Networking blogs: Overlay Transport Virtualization, SDDC practicality

17 May 2013

In this week's networking roundup, bloggers advise how to use Overlay Transport Virtualization and discuss what's needed for a mature SDDC. Read More