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Networking blogs: Overlay Transport Virtualization, SDDC practicality

17 May 2013

In this week's networking roundup, bloggers advise how to use Overlay Transport Virtualization and discuss what's needed for a mature SDDC. Read More

Networking for virtualization: Virtual network switch problems abound

01 Jun 2010

When it comes to networking for virtualization, every hypervisor comes with built-in switching, but virtual network switch problems abound, including the lack of traffic visibility and manageability. Read More

Networking outlook 2011: Network virtualization, wireless, security

05 Jan 2011

Leading analysts share their predictions for top networking trends in 2011, including data center networks, wireless LANs, network security and network management. Read More

Contrail: The Juniper SDN controller for virtual overlay network

09 May 2013

Juniper's SDN product line, JunosV Contrail, debuts with an XMPP-based controller for a virtual overlay network with BGP-based scale. Read More

Three tips for virtualization networking: Preparing networks for server virtualization

25 Oct 2010

Read three must-dos for virtualization networking planning and why it's important to keep an eye on network performance when consolidating servers. Read More

Midokura network virtualization: Layer 2-7 services, OpenStack

17 Oct 2012

Japanese startup Midokura unveils its Layer 2-7 network virtualization with network overlay and OpenStack integration. Read More

Eliminate Hyper-V slow network performance with these tools and tips

16 Aug 2016

Network performance can make or break your virtual environment. With Hyper-V networking tools, you can maintain fast network performance and ensure your resources are distributed evenly. Read More

Managing virtualization: Virtualization networking FAQ

14 Sep 2010

Virtualization affects the job of every networking professional who uses server virtualization. This FAQ examines virtualization networking questions as answered by a panel of networking and virtualization experts. Read More

Defining a strategy for using virtual switches in your network

24 Apr 2013

As you plan a strategy to up the number of virtual switches in your network, brush up on distributed and non-distributed virtual switch choices. Read More

Using vSphere distributed switches for virtual networks

18 Oct 2012

VMware's vSphere distributed switch is shared between hosts in a network, unlike standard switches. Here's how to create and use distributed switches. Read More