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4 types of virtualization IT admins should know

19 Apr 2019

Server virtualization is a fact of life for most IT admins, but there are other types of virtualization -- network, storage, desktop and application -- that IT pros should know. Read More

Network security features available in a virtual switch

07 Feb 2018

Virtual switch security is achieved through a number of features. Virtualization admins can create and enforce policies, lock down MAC addresses and block forged traffic from VMs. Read More

Navigate different network ports, from physical to virtual

05 Feb 2018

Physical network ports, virtual network ports, uplink ports and group ports all have different functions in virtual infrastructures. Learn more with this in-depth breakdown. Read More

VM networking: Physical and virtual switches explained

02 Feb 2018

In order for VMs to communicate, they must utilize VM networking technologies that enable them to emulate and access the existing physical network and provide additional features. Read More

Wind River teams with Dell for 5G distributed edge system

22 Nov 2019

Dell EMC teams with Wind River to form Kubernetes-based system to see use in virtual RAN (vRAN) infrastructures for 5G networks Read More

VMware acquisition of Avi fills NSX gaps

14 Jun 2019

VMware plans to acquire Avi Networks. The VMware acquisition of the application delivery controller maker will fill gaps in VMware's NSX virtual networking software. Read More

University Hospitals Birmingham demos UK’s first remote 5G-powered diagnostic procedure

15 Nov 2019

NHS trust uses BT 5G network to deliver medical services to a 5G-connected ambulance, combining virtual, augmented and robotic technology Read More

VMware NSX Intelligence boosts data center visibility, security

17 Dec 2019

The new NSX Intelligence distributed analytics engine is part of VMware NSX-T 2.5. Learn how it gives networking teams deep visibility into virtualized and containerized workloads. Read More

Manage SCVMM logical networks with PowerShell

18 Dec 2018

Use System Center Virtual Machine Manager and PowerShell to make logical network management easy. Execute a script to display network virtualization information in a simple chart. Read More