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Implementing a hyper-converged network is still a pipe dream

01 Mar 2017

HCI vendors would like to integrate network features with storage, compute and virtualization. In this opinion piece, learn why a hyper-converged network has yet to materialize. Read More

Virtual Instruments buys Xangati, expands VirtualWisdom

15 Nov 2016

Virtual Instruments acquires Xangati for its networking and virtualization monitoring expertise. The company plans to integrate the new technology into the VirtualWisdom platform. Read More

Consolidating network appliances with virtualization

27 Jun 2011

With virtualization, it is now possible to make more efficient use of physical resources and thereby space and power consumption, which lead to cost savings. Read More

Using vSphere distributed switches for virtual networks

18 Oct 2012

VMware's vSphere distributed switch is shared between hosts in a network, unlike standard switches. Here's how to create and use distributed switches. Read More

What are some Windows Server 2019 SDN security features?

07 Feb 2020

Microsoft continued to refine the software-defined networking capabilities in its latest server operating system by developing several new security features. Read More

Maintaining network virtualization over different WAN services

17 Aug 2011

Chapter 7 of the book "Network Virtualization" offers a wealth of information on the best practices of maintaining virtual networks (VNs) over different WAN services. Read More

The WAN revolution: Wide area network design marches forward

19 Apr 2017

Vive la wide area network revolution! In the new WAN, emerging cloud, software-defined networking and virtualization technologies save time and money while improving performance. Read More

Defining a strategy for using virtual switches in your network

24 Apr 2013

As you plan a strategy to up the number of virtual switches in your network, brush up on distributed and non-distributed virtual switch choices. Read More

Virtual network appliances: Benefits and drawbacks

29 Mar 2011

There's lots of talk about network virtualization benefits, but are virtual network appliances all they're cracked up to be? Only in some scenarios. Read More