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Why are network engineers so bitter about managing virtualization?

13 Apr 2012

One virtualization architect explains the miscommunications between systems and network engineers and how his teams worked together toward managing virtualization more effectively. Read More

Storage network choices for virtualization: A guide

07 Jun 2011

Choosing a storage network is like selecting sunglasses. Cost, style and support are all vital considerations. For storage networking, there’s Fibre Channel, iSCSI or FCoE. Read More

IBM DOVE: Big Blue enters the network virtualization battleground

12 Sep 2012

Look out Nicira and Big Switch, IBM is developing a network virtualization strategy that relies on its own virtual network overlay technology. Read More

Applying cloud, VMware virtual networking concepts to your data center

20 Feb 2013

VMware, EMC and virtualization experts explain VMware virtual networking concepts, the cloud mindset and storage virtualization. Read More

Voice virtualization: Early look, mitigation and network preparation

30 Jan 2013

Enterprises that want to save money with a combined VoIP and virtualization deployment would be wise to consider these tips on voice virtualization. Read More

Storage virtualization solutions at the array or in the network

07 Dec 2011

Storage virtualization adoption quickens as early barriers are overcome. There are mature solutions available for deploying storage virtualization at the array or in the network. Read More

VMware's NSX networking comes of age at VMworld

29 Aug 2017

VMware will add a dollop of NSX networking 'secret sauce' to many of its core products as a central piece of its strategies around virtualization, cloud computing and IoT. Read More

VMware NSX pop quiz: Do you know NSX's network virtualization features?

12 Jun 2013

Test your knowledge of VMware NSX, which evolved rapidly out of VMware's homegrown and acquired network virtualization technologies. Read More

Virtual network security: A vendor comparison

01 Nov 2011

In this vendor comparison, we compare the emerging options for virtual network security in your data center. Read More