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Network virtualization coming for Hyper-V 3.0

13 Oct 2011

Microsoft let drop a new tidbit of information about Hyper-V 3.0 in a blog post this week. Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Allows you to keep your own internal IP addresses when moving to the cloud ... Read More

Network virtualization explained

19 Dec 2008

Virtualization has moved beyond just server and storage capacities and now encompasses the network as well. Learn about network virtualization considerations to understand before deployment, some major ... Read More

Virtual network switches in the VMware admin's world: Pros and cons

05 Nov 2012

Virtual switches connect VMs to the physical network. Virtual switches differ from physical switches, putting them in the VMware admin's control. Read More

How promiscuous mode affects virtual network security

07 May 2012

Enabling promiscuous mode could spell doom for your virtual network security, especially if inexperienced IT pros are at the helm. So take caution. Read More

vSphere networking tools: Gaining control of virtualization

30 Apr 2012

Growing server virtualization environments require engineers to learn vSphere networking intricacies, including vSwitch architecture and new CLI strategies. Read More

SN blogs: Mobile virtual network operators still have role to play

21 Mar 2014

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss MVNO strategies, BYOD's positive effect on security and the importance of application monitoring. Read More

New VXLAN gateways integrate virtual and physical networking features

06 Sep 2012

VXLAN gateway demos at VMworld revealed why a network overlay cannot operate in a vacuum from the underlying physical network. Read More

Channel Chat: Avaya talks network virtualization architecture

25 Aug 2011

John Spiliotis, Avaya vice president for U.S. channels, talks about selling both network virtualization architecture and enterprise communications technology. Read More

Google's Ubernetes assists with software container management

26 Oct 2015

Ubernetes -- part of Google's evolving container management project -- uses network virtualization to unite container clusters across virtual and physical locations. Read More