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Virtualization management for VMs, networks optimization

22 Apr 2011

Increasing server consolidation levels coupled with advancements in memory technology means virtualization management is more important than ever. Read More

SD-WAN explained in 15 key terms and phrases

15 Nov 2019

This SD-WAN glossary delves into the various capabilities, technologies and components that encompass SD-WAN, explained with 15 concise definitions. Read More

How to solve virtual network switch problems

12 Apr 2011

Server virtualisation creates a new layer of virtual network switches that provide VM-to-VM connectivity—but not without complications. Learn the solutions to these challenges. Read More

HP seeks NSX certification for FlexFabric switch

01 Sep 2015

HP seeks NSX certification to sell the VMware network virtualization software with the FlexFabric switch. Read More

NSX Intelligence evolves network security and load balancing

15 Nov 2019

NSX Intelligence can bolster your zero-trust network security, provide microsegmentation analytics and balance loads in your network. Learn more about this new VMware product. Read More

What is a cloud virtual private network (VPN)?

22 Nov 2011

In this Ask the Expert response, VPN expert Rainer Enders discusses what a cloud virtual private network (VPN) is and what its benefits are. Read More

Latest Verizon CPE aimed at simplifying deployment of network services

11 May 2017

Verizon's latest customer premise equipment is meant to simplify deployment of virtual network functions. The new Verizon CPE was introduced this week at the OpenStack Summit. Read More

Test your identity authentication and VMware virtual network chops

14 Dec 2012

Do you have what it takes to protect your VMware virtual network using identity authentication techniques? Quiz yourself and find out. Read More

Using network virtualization to simplify WAN management

06 Aug 2010

In enterprise IT, virtualization always increases complexity. Luckily for wide area network (WAN) managers, network virtualization can simplify WAN management. To learn how, read this tip. Read More

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Mark May is a freelance writer and blogger specializing in the areas of storage, networking and virtualization.Read More