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Latest Microsoft SDDC updates improve security, performance

19 Apr 2019

Microsoft enhanced Windows Server 2019 software-defined networking and other virtualization facets of its latest server OS to improve security and increase workload performance. Read More

The essential guide to VMware NSX SDN technology

27 Mar 2018

NSX is leading VMware's transition from server virtualization to network virtualization. Read about the features and future of VMware NSX software-defined networking. Read More

Explore Google XPN for virtual private cloud networks

22 May 2017

Isolated networks strengthen cloud security, but sharing data can become a challenge. Learn how Google XPN enables multiple users or departments to share one virtual private cloud. Read More

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom 5.6

10 Feb 2019

With the latest version of VirtualWisdom, Virtual Instruments adds greater automation to both the discovery and resolution of storage system and network management issues. Read More

Network function virtualization needs to evolve to overcome challenges

08 May 2017

Although NFV can help organizations be more agile, the technology still has a long way to go before it can meet evolving data center needs. Read this author Q&A to find out more. Read More

IT Priorities 2017 survey: Virtualization gains in networking plans

14 Mar 2017

TechTarget's ninth annual IT Priorities Survey reveals a growing number of network pros are focused on virtualization in their networking plans, while not forgetting legacy issues. Read More

Major I/O virtualization vendors and technologies explained

15 Feb 2019

Technologies that virtualize I/O components offer a number of additional capabilities, such as direct memory access remapping and network queuing for each VM. Read More

How will virtual router software benefit the networking industry?

23 Mar 2017

Although virtual router software has been around for more than a decade, 2017 could be the year vRouting experiences greater adoption due to its available use cases. Read More

The changing role of hardware used in networks in this virtual era

23 Mar 2017

Even in this software-defined world, expect a networking hardware evolution. The role of hardware will expand, and you will have to adapt to some significant changes. Read More