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VMware's internal Service-defined Firewall reimagines firewalling

28 Aug 2019

VMware's internal firewall uses a global view of known-good behavior at the network and host level to minimize the attack surface for on-premises and cloud environments. Read More

VMware positions NSX-T to support non-vSphere environments

03 Feb 2017

As its NSX virtual networking software gains traction on vSphere, VMware puts more muscle behind a version designed for non-vSphere environments. Read More

VMware's NSX: Integrator deploys SDN tech at CBOSS

09 Dec 2015

CBOSS, a payment processing service provider, hired integrator AdvizeX to deploy NSX, the VMware network virtualization platform, as part of a software-defined networking project. Read More

Wi-Fi issues and DHCP concerns highlighted in Nyansa report

11 Aug 2016

Wi-Fi issues dominate performance problems, according to Nyansa; Riverbed studies the effect of the Olympics on corporate networks; Array Networks releases a virtualized ADC. Read More

Choosing the best storage network for virtualization

01 Oct 2010

No virtualization deployment is complete without a careful consideration of storage. Shared storage is often a minimum requirement. The real choice is between network-attached storage and other storage area network... Read More

A first look at the Network Controller role

16 Mar 2015

The Network Controller permits physical and virtual network infrastructure management, as well as configuring and managing firewall rules. Read More

Desktop virtualization network requirements

10 Nov 2009

CIOs have fallen in love with virtual desktop infrastructure, so networking teams must meet desktop virtualization network requirements that include network bandwidth management and traffic prioritization ... Read More

How much network bandwidth is enough for virtual data centers?

16 Jul 2012

Network bandwidth is a precious commodity in virtual data centers. But a 10 GbE network may be overkill in certain situations. Read More

Why choose Fibre Channel for virtualization storage networking?

11 May 2011

Fibre Channel offers great storage networking performance and security, but cost and complexity can be deal-breakers when deciding whether to implement a Fibre Channel SAN. Read More

The ideal virtualization networking solution may not exist yet

01 Jun 2011

In a perfect world, virtualization networking would mean non-blocked, any-to-any access between nodes on the network, but that doesn't really exist yet. So what's the alternative? Read More