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The ideal virtualization networking solution may not exist yet

01 Jun 2011

In a perfect world, virtualization networking would mean non-blocked, any-to-any access between nodes on the network, but that doesn't really exist yet. So what's the alternative? Read More

Desktop virtualization network and storage best practices

29 Apr 2011

A desktop virtualization network and storage strategy that optimizes bandwidth and limits lag time is key to enterprise uptake of virtual desktop infrastructure. Read More

OpenStack Networking: A look at Neutron network orchestration

21 Oct 2014

OpenStack is bringing orchestration to the network. Explore how Neutron changes SDN and network virtualization, and makes network resources an integral part of the dynamic cloud. Read More

VMware integrates AirWatch, NSX for hybrid cloud security

17 Apr 2015

The latest VMware/AirWatch integration with NSX creates individualized virtual networks for enhanced security. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure basics for virtualization admins

13 Sep 2019

Hyper-convergence provides many benefits, such as simplified provisioning and management, but virtualization administrators should get to know HCI technology before implementing it. Read More

VMware to make serious network virtualization news at VMworld?

09 Aug 2010

A nice find by Stu Miniman at Wikibon. He dug up this video in which VMware's director of research and development Howie Xu previews his session at VMworld, "The Future Direction of Networking ... Read More

Palo Alto Networks adds virtual firewall, targeted malware protection

14 Nov 2012

Palo Alto Networks launched new virtual data center security features, including a virtual firewall, malware protection and large-scale management. Read More

1903 Hyper-V Networking Interference?

16 Aug 2019

After installing KB4512508 on my local Win10 PCs, I notice some 1903 Hyper-V networking interference (no Internet!). A quick uninstall/reinstall fixes the issue. Read More

IT management less time-consuming, security concerns grow

01 Dec 2015

While virtualization, networking, IT management, and backup and storage remained in the top-five list of IT tasks again this year, another area crept up the list. Read More

Elevate software-defined technology's role in the data center

23 Sep 2019

SDS and SDN aren't a cure-all for infrastructure management ails. Proper implementation requires research and a suitable hardware setup. Here's a look at what this tech can do. Read More