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Understand and deploy IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

13 Nov 2019

The IBM-VMware partnership has provided a platform for admins committed to VMware technologies who also require cloud benefits such as such as scalability and fast provisioning. Read More

How much network bandwidth is enough for virtual data centers?

16 Jul 2012

Network bandwidth is a precious commodity in virtual data centers. But a 10 GbE network may be overkill in certain situations. Read More

Cancer Research UK drives donations with proximity Wi-Fi network

09 Feb 2017

Cancer Research UK used Devicescape’s virtual Wi-Fi network and marketing platform to engage support and drive donations on World Cancer Day Read More

Data replication technologies: What they are and how to use them

29 Oct 2019

Data replication can play a big role in a disaster recovery plan, so make sure you're familiar with the different types of replication and where they work best. Read More

Desktop virtualization network requirements

10 Nov 2009

CIOs have fallen in love with virtual desktop infrastructure, so networking teams must meet desktop virtualization network requirements that include network bandwidth management and traffic prioritization ... Read More

Digital transformation projects hit cultural, tech snags

06 Sep 2019

Digital transformation projects are encountering organizational and technology hurdles that may open consulting opportunities for channel partners. Read More

5 Windows network drivers supported by containers

22 Mar 2019

NAT is the default network for container applications, but there are four other available drivers. Each container network driver poses some limitations and must be used carefully. Read More

Why choose Fibre Channel for virtualization storage networking?

11 May 2011

Fibre Channel offers great storage networking performance and security, but cost and complexity can be deal-breakers when deciding whether to implement a Fibre Channel SAN. Read More

The ideal virtualization networking solution may not exist yet

01 Jun 2011

In a perfect world, virtualization networking would mean non-blocked, any-to-any access between nodes on the network, but that doesn't really exist yet. So what's the alternative? Read More

How to handle new network monitoring complexities

08 Mar 2019

New technologies increase the complexity when it comes to monitoring networks. What can network managers do to regain much-needed visibility and control? Read More