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NFV at the wireless edge: Cloud RAN opportunities and challenges

15 Jan 2016

Cloud RAN, a new architecture based on network functions virtualization concepts, promises to help the wireless network meet the demands of tomorrow. Read More

Preventing under-the-radar attacks with virtual network security

28 Feb 2011

Virtual network security remains a problem for many admins, often because they’re not using the right tools. Virtual networks require VM protection from the inside. Read More

Networking virtually at SSQ's application performance seminar

01 Mar 2010

Last week, I was able to attend a trade show, network with performance test experts, learn about some new performance test tools and hear some very informative presentations -- all free and from ... Read More

In virtualized environments, importance of hardware remains

01 Jun 2016

It's tempting to get swept up in the hype around software-defined everything and cloud mania, but even in virtualized environments, networking hardware is still critical. Read More

Increasing network bandwidth available to virtual machines

08 Feb 2011

These three tips on increasing the amount of network bandwidth available to your VMs, including virtual network creation, can also potentially increase a host server's VM density. Read More

Try a CCNA 200-301 practice quiz from the official cert guide

18 Sep 2019

This practice quiz provides a sneak peek into the new 'CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1,' which reflects Cisco's CCNA certification and exam redesigns. Read More

Cisco ACI controller headed for AWS

11 Jan 2019

An AWS version of the Cisco ACI controller set to launch this quarter brings consistency in fabric management between private data centers and Amazon's public cloud. Read More

Virtual cluster switching: Finding management in a flat network

30 Mar 2011

Using virtual cluster switching, the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging manages dozens of switches as one switch in a flat Layer 2 network for high-performance computing. Read More

The evolution of SDN and its role in networking

19 Sep 2019

Has SDN run its course, or has the architecture simply evolved? In many current products, data centers and cloud environments, SDN may be closer than you think. Read More

Obtain, deploy and manage Oracle VM templates

08 Oct 2019

Oracle VM templates, which come with a guest OS, application software and preset configurations, help admins streamline VM deployment, and they can set them up in just a few steps. Read More