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10 GbE: Cutting cabling, boosting virtualization network management

26 May 2011

Embrace the new age of 10 Gbps Ethernet. On a virtualization network, you can aggregate traffic on just two 10-GbE NICs instead of several 1-GbE NICs. Read More

St. John's Health modernizes with digital workplace technology

09 Sep 2019

St. John's Health modernized its workplace experience by simplifying IT's management of applications with VMware's Workspace One. Read More

Network monitoring for virtualization evolves with Xangati

26 Mar 2010

Network monitoring players such as Xangati have built tools designed for dynamic virtual environments. Read More

IT management less time-consuming, security concerns grow

01 Dec 2015

While virtualization, networking, IT management, and backup and storage remained in the top-five list of IT tasks again this year, another area crept up the list. Read More

Offering network analysis in virtualized environments

12 Feb 2009

Offering network analysis and network monitoring services can be a lucrative business, but needs change when network analysis meets network virtualization. Learn the best practices for offering network analysis ... Read More

HP adds multi-tenant private cloud networking and virtual switching

15 Aug 2012

HP's new EVI Layer 2 data center interconnect and MDC in-switch multi-tenancy boosts private cloud networking and virtual switching abilities. Read More

Get to know Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

14 Oct 2019

Oracle released Linux Virtualization Manager, a platform that lets admins configure, manage and monitor their virtual server environments. Read More

NFV at the wireless edge: Cloud RAN opportunities and challenges

15 Jan 2016

Cloud RAN, a new architecture based on network functions virtualization concepts, promises to help the wireless network meet the demands of tomorrow. Read More

APAC region to drive global enterprise VR adoption through to 2030

19 Dec 2019

Analyst predicts that the enterprise virtual reality sector will take off over the next decade, boosted by direct government investment in the APAC region Read More

Phones 4u launches LIFE mobile virtual network on EE infrastructure

22 Jan 2013

Phones 4u has revealed plans to launch its own mobile network, LIFE Mobile, in March 2013, running over EE’s 3G network Read More