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SIP trunking services offer cloud migration benefits

25 Nov 2019

SIP adoption continues to grow, even as more organizations migrate their communications to the cloud. Learn the benefits that come from bringing SIP trunking to UCaaS. Read More

Get to know Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure products in-depth

14 Nov 2019

Nutanix products are major players in the hyper-convergence market. As a pioneer, Nutanix introduced one of the first HCIs and has modified and expanded its offerings ever since. Read More

7 HPC workload virtualization best practices

19 Sep 2019

If you are running high-performance computing workloads in a virtual environment, use our handy checklist to see if you are optimizing your environment to its fullest. Read More

Virtualization certification guide for the networking pro

05 Jan 2010

Virtualization training can be obtained through real-world experience, but networking pros find that virtualization certification programs can help them obtain new skills proactively and can differentiate them as ... Read More

Don't let edge computing security concerns derail your plans

14 Nov 2019

Security concerns give many IT organizations pause when considering edge computing. But the potential problems can be overcome with proper planning and diligence. Read More

What is the function of the NSX Edge gateway?

28 Jan 2015

For a company that wants to open up the lines of communication in its NSX virtual network, using the NSX Edge gateway service will provide access to isolated networks. Read More

Pros and cons of iSCSI storage networking in virtual infrastructures

19 May 2011

ISCSI provides simplicity for virtualization storage networking, but iSCSI performance, network design, security and cost can present challenges. Read More

The advantages to using Microsoft Azure VNet

03 Nov 2016

Microsoft Azure offers two kinds of virtual networks, one of which allows users to create connected Azure services and VMs to improve production-workload testing. Read More

Managing virtual network relationships

05 Feb 2009

Managing virtual network relationships is trickier than managing physical server relationships. When using server virtualization, data center network managers need a way to reconnect physical resources and virtual ... Read More

Yes, networking really does matter in virtualization management

09 May 2011

Virtualization management is just as important to networking folks as it is to systems architects. That's apparent in the fact that VMware picked up not one, but two, Best of Interop 2011 nominations. Read More