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SDN and DevOps to shrink network teams, weaken their control, IDC says

21 Jul 2014

With SDN and DevOps, IT teams will shift control of the network to collaborative teams of virtualization, server, application and network pros. This will shrink network teams and force network pros to reposition ... Read More

Understand the best IT/OT convergence strategies

19 Sep 2019

The differences between IT and OT make convergence difficult. Admins can reconcile the two by creating a partition and prioritizing OT traffic. Read More

3 steps to lock down VDI security

27 Sep 2019

Despite a popular myth, virtual desktops are susceptible to security breaches just like traditional desktops. IT admins can improve VDI security by following these best practices. Read More

At least 47,000 servers vulnerable to remote attack

03 Sep 2019

All organisations using Supermicro servers are being urged to update firmware to block remote attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in baseboard management controllers Read More

Network segmentation best practices in virtual and private cloud environments

04 Oct 2011

Learn how to apply network isolation to ensure security in your virtualized infrastructure. Read More

Router virtualization: Developing effective networking strategies

07 May 2009

As new router and network virtualization technologies become a reality, telecom carriers need to weigh lower capital costs against realistic operations costs to see whether it's worth replacing parallel networks. Read More

Mist spreads new idea for cloud-managed Wi-Fi

29 Jun 2016

Startup Mist rolls out a wireless service that blends artificial intelligence, virtual Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and unprecedented visibility into network performance. Read More

SDN security, use cases top-of-mind for network pros

09 Apr 2014

SDN security, use cases and network virtualization were major talking points for network pros at this year's Interop conference. Read More

Learn the basics of vSphere networking

27 Jun 2019

When you design a vSphere network, keep in mind redundancy, network isolation and consistent configuration. These qualities ensure proper network performance. Read More

How to realize the benefits of software-defined infrastructure

03 Oct 2019

Software-based infrastructure and services can streamline management and application data. Before you add them to your data center, consider workload needs and existing hardware. Read More