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Virtual Instruments to add cloud monitoring with Metricly

19 Aug 2019

Storage monitoring specialist Virtual Instruments buys Metricly to add monitoring of AWS compute CPU, memory and resource utilisation to save customer costs Read More

The best VPNs for enterprise use

18 Jan 2016

This slideshow highlights the best VPNs used in enterprise wide-area networks (WANs) and offers principles for designing and implementing virtual private network (VPN) clients in the enterprise. Read More

Dell storage dominance followed $67B grab of EMC, VMware

17 Sep 2019

Dell packages servers, storage for EMC and virtualization from VMware into an end-to-end IT stack; how will it expand and deliver those pieces over the coming decades? Read More

Cisco, VMware unveil CSP products to tap growing market

04 Mar 2015

CSP products introduced at the Mobile World Congress included cloud-based analytics from Cisco and virtualized networking technology from VMware. Read More

Embedded hypervisor use cases and benefits explained

06 Sep 2019

An embedded hypervisor offers several benefits, such as VM security, system reliability and improved hardware use, and is ideal for admins looking to simplify their environments. Read More

Hardware-based 3D graphics acceleration brings CAD to remote corners

25 Aug 2016

Graphics acceleration technology improves virtual desktop performance at the VM level, not over the network. One company deployed it for heavy-duty field work in the boondocks. Read More

Compare the top 5 bare-metal hypervisors

25 Apr 2019

Hypervisors such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Hypervisor, RHV and Oracle VM Server for x86 provide value to enterprise-level data centers in different ways. Read More

Deep dive into virtual networking technologies

01 Sep 2009

New and emerging virtual networking technologies offer better options for deploying and managing virtual infrastructure networking. Read More

Network virtualization services: Five things VARs need to know

01 Mar 2010

Network virtualization has been around for a while, but your customers will need some guidance as it gets put into practice more and more. Before you can offer network virtualization services, however, you must ... Read More

F5 enables NVGRE gateway and Windows Azure cloud support

10 Jun 2013

F5 Networks added NVGRE gateway support for network virtualization and virtual BIG-IP availability in Microsoft's Azure cloud. Read More