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How to protect virtual desktops on a corporate network

11 Nov 2009

Virtual desktop infrastructures offer easier management but still require a layered approach to protect corporate networks. Learn what additional security measures you should take. Read More

Implement edge virtualization to ease device management

25 Oct 2019

Virtualization at the edge offers pros and cons. By virtualizing edge devices, admins can use a familiar management platform for devices both in and out of the data center. Read More

Are OpenStack and NFV MANO interchangeable?

12 Mar 2015

Network functions virtualization and cloud management systems appear to overlap, but whether or not the latter can manage and orchestrate a virtual network is open to debate. Read More

Router virtualization: Developing effective networking strategies

07 May 2009

As new router and network virtualization technologies become a reality, telecom carriers need to weigh lower capital costs against realistic operations costs to see whether it's worth replacing parallel networks. Read More

What to consider before you install vCloud Connector

20 Jan 2020

VMware vCC requires a handful of prerequisites before you can deploy it. Install vCC once you have the correct processors, memory, network controllers and software. Read More

Digital transformation projects hit cultural, tech snags

06 Sep 2019

Digital transformation projects are encountering organizational and technology hurdles that may open consulting opportunities for channel partners. Read More

The advantages to using Microsoft Azure VNet

03 Nov 2016

Microsoft Azure offers two kinds of virtual networks, one of which allows users to create connected Azure services and VMs to improve production-workload testing. Read More

What are the benefits and challenges of AI network monitoring?

05 Dec 2019

AI network monitoring has great potential, but companies need to pare down the number of network monitoring tools they use now in order to reap AI's full benefits. Read More

Network segmentation best practices in virtual and private cloud environments

04 Oct 2011

Learn how to apply network isolation to ensure security in your virtualized infrastructure. Read More