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Virtual servers' impact on the network

05 Mar 2008

When several servers combine as one, what does it do to the network? Read More

Network considerations for virtualizing your SMB

18 Aug 2009

At Burton Group’s Catalyst conference 2009, Matt Lavallee of MLS Property Information Network presented a case study in enterprise virtualization on an SMB budget. Since server and storage ... Read More

Layer 3 switches explained

30 Mar 2017

Layer 3 switches are important in enterprise networks -- particularly in designs with many subnets and virtual LANs. What is a Layer 3 switch, what can it do for you, and how does it differ from a regular switch or... Read More

What is a software-defined perimeter, and do I need it?

10 Jan 2019

An evolving network world requires evolving network security. Learn how software-defined perimeter offers a compelling answer to network vulnerabilities. Read More

Physical network gear isn't going anywhere

01 Jun 2016

For decades, hardware has reigned as king in the network, but the deluge of hype surrounding cloud, virtualization and software-defined networking has some asking how long physical network gear can hold on to its ... Read More

USBAnywhere vulnerabilities put Supermicro servers at risk

04 Sep 2019

Security researchers discovered BMC vulnerabilities -- dubbed USBAnywhere -- in Supermicro servers that could put systems at risk of remote attacks via virtualized USB drives. Read More

How Windows Admin Center stacks up to other management tools

29 Aug 2019

Microsoft is putting a lot of resources into this relatively new tool to manage Windows systems, but is it ready for prime time when compared with more seasoned offerings? Read More

Sam Colley

Podsystem Corporation

Sam Colley is CEO of Podsystem Group, a global Mobile Virtual Network Operator specializing in the Machine to Machine and Internet of Things sectors.Read More

Better networking strategies for virtual server environments

01 May 2010

With more workloads residing on fewer physical host servers, data center managers need help locating and correcting problems quickly. Read More

A basic virtualised enterprise - from 'Network Virtualization'

02 Mar 2008

In this chapter from "Network virtualization," authors Victor Moreno and Kumar Reddy explain why and how to virtualise the network. Read More