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Router virtualization: Developing effective networking strategies

07 May 2009

As new router and network virtualization technologies become a reality, telecom carriers need to weigh lower capital costs against realistic operations costs to see whether it's worth replacing parallel networks. Read More

SDN and DevOps to shrink network teams, weaken their control, IDC says

21 Jul 2014

With SDN and DevOps, IT teams will shift control of the network to collaborative teams of virtualization, server, application and network pros. This will shrink network teams and force network pros to reposition ... Read More

Network segmentation best practices in virtual and private cloud environments

04 Oct 2011

Learn how to apply network isolation to ensure security in your virtualized infrastructure. Read More

Cisco ACI controller headed for AWS

11 Jan 2019

An AWS version of the Cisco ACI controller set to launch this quarter brings consistency in fabric management between private data centers and Amazon's public cloud. Read More

What does an ESXi on ARM architecture look like?

28 Oct 2019

When you run a hypervisor such as VMware ESXi on ARM architecture, consolidation shouldn't be your goal; isolation, sandboxing and management should be. Read More

Benefits of moving from EC2-Classic to VPC

28 Oct 2016

AWS replaced EC2-Classic instances with Virtual Private Cloud to help enterprises better secure networks and resources. Here's how the two instances differ and how to migrate to VPC. Read More

VMware takes NSX security to AWS workloads

30 Aug 2018

VMware has brought NSX microsegmentation to workloads running on Amazon Web Services. Also, at VMworld 2018, VMware said NSX security is now enforceable on Arista switches. Read More

SDN security, use cases top-of-mind for network pros

09 Apr 2014

SDN security, use cases and network virtualization were major talking points for network pros at this year's Interop conference. Read More

Deep dive into virtual networking technologies

01 Sep 2009

New and emerging virtual networking technologies offer better options for deploying and managing virtual infrastructure networking. Read More

Network virtualization services: Five things VARs need to know

01 Mar 2010

Network virtualization has been around for a while, but your customers will need some guidance as it gets put into practice more and more. Before you can offer network virtualization services, however, you must ... Read More