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What are the benefits and challenges of AI network monitoring?

05 Dec 2019

AI network monitoring has great potential, but companies need to pare down the number of network monitoring tools they use now in order to reap AI's full benefits. Read More

How much does VMware NSX cost?

14 Jul 2015

VMware's network virtualization product was recently updated to version 6.1.4 to add features, issue fixes and plug several vulnerabilities. Read More

Security Think Tank: Effective IT segregation must involve the business

22 May 2019

What are the security benefits and challenges of segregating IT environments, and how best are these challenges overcome? Read More

Deep dive into virtual networking technologies

01 Sep 2009

New and emerging virtual networking technologies offer better options for deploying and managing virtual infrastructure networking. Read More

Virtual servers' impact on the network

05 Mar 2008

When several servers combine as one, what does it do to the network? Read More

SDN and DevOps to shrink network teams, weaken their control, IDC says

21 Jul 2014

With SDN and DevOps, IT teams will shift control of the network to collaborative teams of virtualization, server, application and network pros. This will shrink network teams and force network pros to reposition ... Read More

Decide between SAN vs. hyper-converged for your virtual storage

20 Nov 2019

Shared storage provides admins with virtual storage benefits such as storage migration, high availability and redundancy. But the right storage option depends on cost and performance. Read More

Network virtualization services: Five things VARs need to know

01 Mar 2010

Network virtualization has been around for a while, but your customers will need some guidance as it gets put into practice more and more. Before you can offer network virtualization services, however, you must ... Read More

NFV and SDN work in tandem in network infrastructure design

01 Mar 2016

NFV and SDN work at different layers of new network infrastructure designs. And together, they can drive change in creating virtual devices and flexible network connections. Read More

Network considerations for virtualizing your SMB

18 Aug 2009

At Burton Group’s Catalyst conference 2009, Matt Lavallee of MLS Property Information Network presented a case study in enterprise virtualization on an SMB budget. Since server and storage ... Read More