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Virtualization selection and the enterprise network

14 May 2008

Greg Shields, the author of the new e-book The Shortcut Guide to Selecting the Right Virtualization Solution, is known for his ability to relate highly technical concepts with a drive toward fulfilling business ... Read More

Network consolidation and virtualization solve management problems

04 Feb 2010

Consolidation and virtualization are a natural fit, but not just for servers. Network consolidation can also benefit your virtual infrastructure, as long as you focus on security. Read More

Examine the requirements for 5G core networks

11 Apr 2019

The 5G core network will support millions of devices that need high-speed communication and data processing. Learn what other capabilities are required for 5G deployment. Read More

VMware security best practices guide

25 Oct 2019

Without the proper security, you could put your entire VMware environment at risk. These best practices can keep your hosts and VMs safe from potential attacks. Read More

What are some of the perks promised by VMware NSX?

18 Aug 2014

VMware's network virtualization offering promises to speed up tasks that traditionally have slowed an enterprise from responding to immediate needs. Read More

Hardware-based 3D graphics acceleration brings CAD to remote corners

25 Aug 2016

Graphics acceleration technology improves virtual desktop performance at the VM level, not over the network. One company deployed it for heavy-duty field work in the boondocks. Read More

Virtual networking design, configuration and management guide

21 Jan 2010

This guide on virtual networking architecture and management explores how to design physical and virtual networks to reduce latency and manage virtual networks efficiently. Read More

With Dell Open Networking, choose your own OS, overlay

15 Dec 2014

The Dell Open Networking story is expanding with a new partnership and reference design that simplifies the use of a Midokura virtual network overlay running on Dell open switches with Cumulus OS. Read More

What the Cisco Nexus 1000V means to Hyper-V virtual networking

02 Dec 2011

Hyper-V 3.0 adds support for the Cisco Nexus 1000V, which is welcome news for enterprises that need granular control over virtual networking. Read More

Network virtualization, led by Juniper, promises efficiency boost

09 Apr 2009

Emerging network virtualization technology could enable telecom service providers to cut redundant hardware and carrier network management costs to create more efficient telecom networks. Read More