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New virtual server networking standards to offer network admins control

08 Dec 2009

ProCurve and Cisco have proposed a new set of virtual server networking standards that will give network administrators the visibility and control they've lost to server teams by using virtual switches. Read More

What's required to run Cisco ACI, VMware NSX?

19 Aug 2014

Cisco and VMware offer competing products to bring virtualization to the networking world, and each has a different way to implement the technology. Read More

VMware takes NSX security to AWS workloads

30 Aug 2018

VMware has brought NSX microsegmentation to workloads running on Amazon Web Services. Also, at VMworld 2018, VMware said NSX security is now enforceable on Arista switches. Read More

CenturyLink lands $1.6bn network services contract from US Dept of Interior

17 Jan 2020

US operator engaged to help US agency achieve its mission to conserve and manage natural resources and cultural heritage Read More

Dynamic core network services: DNS and DHCP for virtualization

17 Sep 2010

Without dynamic core network services, virtualization will be stalled. Dynamic DNS and DHCP, as well as IPAM, are necessary to manage the constantly changing addresses and configuration in a virtualized environment. Read More

Networking vendors aim to improve server virtualization security

16 Sep 2010

Server virtualization security is no longer guaranteed by creating physical security zones for different classes of virtual machines on host servers. Networking and network security vendors are introducing virtual ... Read More

Sam Colley

Podsystem Corporation

Sam Colley is CEO of Podsystem Group, a global Mobile Virtual Network Operator specializing in the Machine to Machine and Internet of Things sectors.Read More

Configuring Hyper-V virtual networks

10 Mar 2009

Configuring virtual networks in Hyper-V can be achieved using virtual local area network (VLAN) trunks. Read More

Cisco ACI controller headed for AWS

11 Jan 2019

An AWS version of the Cisco ACI controller set to launch this quarter brings consistency in fabric management between private data centers and Amazon's public cloud. Read More

Down and dirty with storage and networking: Virtualization Log

10 Dec 2007

Designing the storage to go along with your virtual environment? In this tip, Anil Desai explains a variety of ways to avoid storage (I/O) bottlenecks. In his analysis, Desai covers all the bases: ... Read More