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How to implement zero-trust cloud security

05 Dec 2019

The nature of cloud environments and workloads is changing. Security team approaches must evolve in response. Learn how to implement zero-trust cloud security from expert Dave Shackleford. Read More

VMware certification programs: Recasting the old, developing the new

03 Feb 2014

VMware has revised their cloud, data center virtualization and end-user computing programs, in addition to developing a network virtualization one. Read More

Layer 3 switches explained

30 Mar 2017

Layer 3 switches are important in enterprise networks -- particularly in designs with many subnets and virtual LANs. What is a Layer 3 switch, what can it do for you, and how does it differ from a regular switch or... Read More

Network Innovation Award: VMware vSphere Networking

25 Sep 2012

VMware has expanded its vSphere networking and network virtualization features, changing the role of the network and its engineer in virtualization. Read More

Configuring virtual networks in Hyper-V

19 Jan 2009

This short screencast explains how virtual networking works in Microsoft Hyper-V, and walks you through the configuration process. Read More

Server virtualization and the impact on network configuration

14 Jan 2009

Server virtualization delivers sophisticated capabilities that affect performance, scaling and connectivity needs. Solutions have evolved from enabling partitioning of a single computer into multiple virtual ... Read More

Virtualization basics for network professionals: PrepLogic training video

25 Jul 2010

In this PrepLogic virtualization training video, learn virtualization basics for networking professionals, including various hypervisor architectures, factors that affect virtualization performance and network ... Read More

What to expect from VMware in 2020

16 Jan 2020

VMware experts Brian Kirsch, Alastair Cooke and Rob Bastiaansen take a look at what's ahead for the virtualization vendor in 2020 as it builds Kubernetes into its suite. Read More

Build network redundancy into your open source virtual infrastructure

22 Jun 2010

Building network redundancy into an open source virtual infrastructure allows for several options, but all require bond devices and at least one virtual bridge. Read More

The new cloud network: More than an Internet link

15 Jun 2015

Learn about the virtual WAN, the software-defined WAN and other new cloud network possibilities. Read More