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How secure is VMware NSX?

18 Aug 2014

Using a network virtualization product such as VMware NSX can help administrators who want to be sure data won't leak from VMs. Read More

Boost VDI network connectivity with VMware Horizon View 7

12 Aug 2016

VMware's Horizon View 7 introduces network connectivity to local view desktops, enhancing security and allowing virtual desktops to consume local resources, among other improvements. Read More

SIP trunking services offer cloud migration benefits

25 Nov 2019

SIP adoption continues to grow, even as more organizations migrate their communications to the cloud. Learn the benefits that come from bringing SIP trunking to UCaaS. Read More

How does VMware network segmentation benefit a business?

29 Oct 2014

The NSX network virtualization platform signifies a shift in how networks can be managed, provisioned and protected by using software rather than relying on hardware to add services. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure presents operational challenges

29 May 2015

Bringing in a hyper-converged platform can present a complication in the data center where networking, virtualization and storage teams were once separated. Read More

VMware adds NSX firewall integration with Palo Alto Networks

27 Nov 2013

VMware NSX integration with Palo Alto Networks applies advanced security policies to network virtualization overlay traffic. Read More

Don't let edge computing security concerns derail your plans

14 Nov 2019

Security concerns give many IT organizations pause when considering edge computing. But the potential problems can be overcome with proper planning and diligence. Read More

European first for Vodafone as global telcos tune into AWS Wavelength

05 Dec 2019

In an endorsement of the cloud giant’s push towards the edge, leading global telcos pile in on AWS Wavelength, eyeing up large low-latency gains in key 5G use cases Read More

Consider these 5 FAQs for network monitoring best practices

12 Dec 2019

New technologies are transforming how organizations plan network management and monitoring, introducing questions about legacy system upgrades and the number of tools required. Read More

Network-attached storage clusters for virtualized environments

26 Aug 2009

Learn about the network considerations for NAS clusters in a virtualized environment, and whether a build or buy approach is right for your organization Read More