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Ten recommendations to improve your NFV network evolution

25 Feb 2015

As providers move into network functions virtualization, these 10 recommendations can help guarantee a successful NFV network transition. Read More

DataCore adds file and S3 object storage with vFilO

18 Nov 2019

Software-defined storage specialist DataCore has added file storage and S3 object storage access with vFilO, which lets customers create virtual pools from on-site and remote datastores Read More

VMware releases certification track for NSX platform

10 Sep 2014

VMware took the wraps off its certification track for NSX, making it eligible for IT professionals desiring recognition in the network virtualization field. Read More

A comprehensive Azure instance comparison for your workloads

15 Jan 2020

When it comes to choosing the best Azure compute instance for your workload, the options can be overwhelming. Use these tips to get on the right track. Read More

Stratoscale tunes its Symphony hyper-convergence software

17 Jun 2016

Stratoscale Symphony pools physical and virtual capacity and exposes it as shared block storage. Symphony recognizes existing networked storage and adds it to the pool. Read More

Enterprises likely to need Cisco and VMware SDN software

09 May 2016

Many companies won't be able to avoid using both Cisco and VMware SDN software to manage physical and virtual networks in the data center, an expert says. Read More

Kubernetes security best practices demand a multi-layer approach

26 Dec 2019

When it comes to Kubernetes security, IT teams must look beyond their containerized workloads, and consider code and cloud infrastructure as well. Read More

Server virtualization: FAQ for network pros

05 Mar 2008

Brien Posey continues his discussion of server virtualization by answering some frequently asked questions. There are many virtualization products on the market. Although the end result is usually similar, each of ... Read More

A history of VPN: Disadvantages of early virtual private networks

22 Apr 2010

This history of VPN explains why early virtual private network solutions proved disadvantageous for businesses and how the advent of newer VPNs has created more secure and simpler-to-deploy solutions for wide area ... Read More

How to implement virtual firewalls in a complex network infrastructure

28 Jul 2009

If your enterprise has a complex network infrastructure, it might be necessary to implement virtual firewalls or multiple security contexts. Network security expert Mike Chapple explains the pros and cons of doing ... Read More