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The changing role of hardware used in networks in this virtual era

23 Mar 2017

Even in this software-defined world, expect a networking hardware evolution. The role of hardware will expand, and you will have to adapt to some significant changes. Read More

Laying the foundation for a virtualized network infrastructure

25 Aug 2016

SDN, NFV and VNF: Don't get bogged down with these hot-topic terms. In part one of this series, IT expert Andrew Froehlich discusses how and whether you should implement virtualized functions in your enterprise. Read More

The essential guide to VMware NSX SDN technology

27 Mar 2018

NSX is leading VMware's transition from server virtualization to network virtualization. Read about the features and future of VMware NSX software-defined networking. Read More

Pick up the pace with VMware NSX network virtualization

19 May 2016

NSX network virtualization enables users to take advantage of the speed, efficiency and security of the software-defined data center. Read More

NordVPN offers NordLynx for Linux, built around WireGuard

05 Aug 2019

Virtual Private Network (VPN) company NordVPN has introduced NordLynx technology built around the WireGuard protocol.  WireGuard is thought to be shaking up the VPN space as a new type of protocol ... Read More

Virgin Mobile extends virtual network deal with EE

10 Jan 2017

Virgin Mobile will offer its customers enhanced mobile networking services under the terms of an extended deal signed with EE Read More

VMware NSX vExpert program the latest in network virtualization growth

27 Dec 2016

Building on the success of its vExpert loyalty program, VMware has created the NSX vExpert program to stimulate customer interest in its networking and security offering. Read More

Modern management of a virtualized network: Tips and techniques

16 Sep 2016

The virtualized network poses challenges to network management systems -- and as more hardware components become virtualized, that challenge becomes even greater. This handbook discusses the steps IT administrators... Read More

Network virtualization now, and the overlay network future

09 Apr 2015

In this presentation, our expert reviews traditional approaches to network virtualization and considers its future. Read More

When the benefits of network virtualization aren't enough

01 Jun 2015

Consultant Glen Kemp shares the story of a client who re-evaluated the benefits of network virtualization after encountering a platform bug. Read More