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Introduction to SSL VPN products in the enterprise

20 Apr 2015

Virtual private networks secure the confidentiality and integrity of network communications. Expert Karen Scarfone explains how SSL VPN products work. Read More

How to use SnapCenter for VMware backups

27 Dec 2019

NetApp storage appliances and VMware's vSphere platform provide widely used data center resources. Combine their capabilities by using NetApp's SnapCenter to back up vSphere. Read More

What does an ESXi on ARM architecture look like?

28 Oct 2019

When you run a hypervisor such as VMware ESXi on ARM architecture, consolidation shouldn't be your goal; isolation, sandboxing and management should be. Read More

1903 Hyper-V Networking Interference?

16 Aug 2019

After installing KB4512508 on my local Win10 PCs, I notice some 1903 Hyper-V networking interference (no Internet!). A quick uninstall/reinstall fixes the issue. Read More

Virtual Private Label Switched networks

03 Jul 2008

In this week's edition of our networking podcast, Richard Chirgwin talks to Nextgen Networks and learns why it has built a national Virtual Private Label Switched network, instead of going IP. Read More

Dell EMC offering a VeloCloud SD-WAN Edge appliance

02 May 2019

The new Dell EMC SD-WAN Edge product includes hardware and support, as well as VMware's VeloCloud software. Read More

How can image cloning help manage data in your NAS?

25 Aug 2016

Managing image copies in a virtual environment can put stress on your network-attached storage, but cloning can help get things under control -- if your NAS supports it. Read More

Forget Facebook -- VMUG is virtualization's social-networking king

28 Sep 2010

VMUG, a VMware user community, has grown substantially in six years. In response, its leaders have implemented a board of directors and regional conferences to reach more members. Read More

Tech Watch: Virtualization mantra will spread to network in 2009

02 Feb 2009

Network virtualization is about consolidating data center resources, but fundamental underpinnings are not set yet. Read More

SDN blog roundup: Is OpenFlow SDN all it's cracked up to be?

21 Aug 2013

SDN bloggers discuss OpenFlow SDN, the future of SDN and network virtualization, and how affinities can be used in and out of a Plexxi network. Read More