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Tech Watch: Virtualization mantra will spread to network in 2009

02 Feb 2009

Network virtualization is about consolidating data center resources, but fundamental underpinnings are not set yet. Read More

Virgin disconnects BT for Vodafone for future mobile services

06 Nov 2019

From 2021, Virgin Media will have full access to all of Vodafone’s current services and future technologies, such as its 5G network, after ending supply deal with BT Read More

How can image cloning help manage data in your NAS?

25 Aug 2016

Managing image copies in a virtual environment can put stress on your network-attached storage, but cloning can help get things under control -- if your NAS supports it. Read More

Forget Facebook -- VMUG is virtualization's social-networking king

28 Sep 2010

VMUG, a VMware user community, has grown substantially in six years. In response, its leaders have implemented a board of directors and regional conferences to reach more members. Read More

Latest Cisco switch uses Meraki software, Catalyst hardware

06 Nov 2019

The MS390 is the first Cisco switch built using Meraki software and Catalyst hardware. Read More

Avoiding the return of the dreaded opaque network

23 Mar 2015

Virtualization and storage spark fears of a new era of black box opaqueness for today's network engineers. But hope remains. Read More

Navigate the complexities of remote desktop printer redirection

25 Mar 2016

Printing from virtual desktops is never easy. IT must decide whether to configure network or local printing and how to manage a multitude of printer drivers. Read More

Network security design best practices and principles: Keep it simple

03 Dec 2019

Comprehensive network security design means understanding the components that constitute your network and how and when everything is managed. Read More

Red Hat Virtualization 4.3 updates to Cockpit are minor, but beneficial

31 Dec 2019

Cockpit hasn't seen many changes with the latest RHV 4.3 update, but it still provides beneficial capabilities, such as the ability create a VM from a template or migrate a VM to a different host. Read More

Overlay networks: Understanding the basics, making it a reality

06 May 2014

Network overlays place a virtual network over the physical infrastructure for dynamic provisioning and orchestration of network resources. Read More