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Advantages of network virtualization impress, but hurdles remain

20 Nov 2015

With the advent of NFV, IT managers are finding new ways to improve data center networking. Read More

The virtualized network alters data center plans

08 Feb 2016

The virtualized network is outstripping hardware and fundamentally altering data center plans, though in the long run, it has the chance to revolutionize them. Read More

Software-defined branch networks: Why and how to do them

29 Jan 2018

Software networking virtualization has reached branch networks. Learn the whys and hows of creating the software-defined branch using the latest software networking technologies. Read More

Test your hyper-converged networking knowledge

18 Jul 2018

Network hyper-convergence is racing to catch up to the level of virtualization of compute and storage. Test yourself on your HCI networking knowledge. Read More

Could SDN network virtualization change everything?

15 May 2015

Jim Metzler explains the need for network virtualization, explores SDN in the WAN and discusses bringing SDN into the data center. Read More

How can a virtualized network help with app testing?

14 Sep 2015

Software testing on a virtualized network makes it easy to reproduce real problems. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to get the most out of the process. Read More

The future of composable infrastructure and virtualization

10 Sep 2018

Composable infrastructures -- frameworks of compute, storage and network resource services -- will still make use of virtualization to run applications. Read More

Verizon, Equinix cooperate on SDI to colo data centers

23 Jul 2019

Verizon is offering a software-defined interconnection to Equinix colo data centers. The Verizon-Equinix service is an alternative to a physical network connection. Read More

Virtual wires on the radar for future network infrastructure

01 Mar 2016

Due to changes in network infrastructure, running traffic over virtual wires could emerge from a combination of technologies, including SDN, NFV, virtualization and cloud. Read More