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Virtual network functions, not network functions virtualization, belong in enterprise

25 Mar 2015

While network functions virtualization is exclusively a service provider technology, virtual network functions are at home in the enterprise space. Read More

Is fabric necessary for network virtualization overlay?

14 Jan 2016

A fabric topology may become necessary at some point, but for now, you can get away without one for your SDN overlay. Read More

Network trends include new hardware role in a virtual era

28 Feb 2017

Network trends that enterprise IT pros must consider include rethinking the role of hardware in today's virtualized, software-defined services architecture. Read More

Latest Microsoft SDDC updates improve security, performance

19 Apr 2019

Microsoft enhanced Windows Server 2019 software-defined networking and other virtualization facets of its latest server OS to improve security and increase workload performance. Read More

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom 5.6

10 Feb 2019

With the latest version of VirtualWisdom, Virtual Instruments adds greater automation to both the discovery and resolution of storage system and network management issues. Read More

Advantages of network virtualization impress, but hurdles remain

20 Nov 2015

With the advent of NFV, IT managers are finding new ways to improve data center networking. Read More

Virtual wire network transport mission could increase SDN usage

17 Jan 2017

SDN's use as virtual wire to provide network transport could get the technology out of the data center to underlay SD-WAN better than Ethernet or IP and benefit optical networks. Read More

The virtualized network alters data center plans

08 Feb 2016

The virtualized network is outstripping hardware and fundamentally altering data center plans, though in the long run, it has the chance to revolutionize them. Read More

Major I/O virtualization vendors and technologies explained

15 Feb 2019

Technologies that virtualize I/O components offer a number of additional capabilities, such as direct memory access remapping and network queuing for each VM. Read More